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About Care for


Care for Uganda is a medium sized development organisation, founded in
2001. It operates in Uganda under the title Abaagala Uganda.
It has a particular emphasis on working with children and young people and part of its work is an ever-growing child sponsorship programme.
It is committed to working in partnership with local communities and

It believes in sustainable development

For further information contact:

and has adopted an approach that could

Care for Uganda,

be described as

22 Wrenwood,

‘hand-ups not hand-outs’

Neath SA10 7PU

with other agencies seeking to deliver the Millennium Development Goals in that part of Sub Saharan Africa.

Tel: 01639 632237

An opportunity for individuals and groups to gain first hand experience of development work within a community of great need in Uganda,
East Africa.

Luwero is one of the districts in Uganda that suffered the effects of the National Resistance
Movement liberation war which took place between 1981 and 1986. This war led to much destruction and loss of property and lives. The production, marketing structures and systems which were the major sources of livelihood were destroyed. The after effects of this war are still being felt today.
Government promises to rebuild this district were put on hold as the government had to concentrate on a war against Joseph Kony’s
Lord’s Resistance Army in North Uganda which lasted for twenty years.
Consequently, as nothing much has happened in the way of rebuilding communities in Luwero district, many people have lost hope.
Care for Uganda is working in Bbowa, one of these communities, in order to help bring new hope with various projects and programmes:
• Child sponsorship
• Community sponsorship
• Livestock project

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