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Assalamualaikum to all my beloved friends that are look gorgeous and very lovely today and not forgetting our pretiest and kind-hearted lecturer .I would like to share with you something or a stories that have some fact that you did not know or may be you do not want to know. Have you ever seen or being in the situation that unbelievable and make you have terrible nightmare? If you had this kind of experience it means that you are selected person does not same with others because You are now some kind of different or special person that cannot be back like the past .You are now in this world,either you have an incredibility or you are the person that a given with something that might interrupted in your life or even make you better in life Those who has that given with this incredibility usually called a sixth sense.When you have this super incredible thing usually you are more special because you can see the thing!That others can’t see and until now this thing still be question or mysteriousThat cannot be explain by science.The Thing of Paranormal and Supernatural. There is some quotes from anchor abc27 News, Dennis Owens about this Thing.“All of you out there who believe in telephaty, raise your hand. All right now.everyone,who believes in telekinesis raise my hand” (Kelly, 2014) Today I will bring your attention about difference between paranormal and supernatural .There are three main point or important thing that I would like to share with you all about this ‘thing’.First, Paranormal and Supernatural have it owns definition and meaning also when this two terms start being used.Second, There are still no answer until now, that science can’t explained about Paranormal and supernatural.Then, Paranormal and Supernatural thing have become famous lately due to media press.Without wasting our time anymore,let’s get…...

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