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CCSI 410 Forensic Lab Report

1) Investigator’s Name:

2) Date of Investigation: August 2, 2014

3) Lab Number and Title: Lab 4 Keyword Searches

4) Summary of Findings:

I did the steps required to fulfill my report. I found there is enough evidence to continue the investigation due to the search results.

5) Details of Investigation

1. 11.45 pm – Turned on suspect computer 2. 11: 47 pm – Entered lab environment 3. 11: 49 pm – Determined keyword list 4. 11:59 pm – Added the floppy image 5. Augest 3rd 12:05 am – Added keywords to the search utility 6. 12:09 am – Initial look at .emi files and addressbook.csv complete 7. 12:11 am – Search using keywords 8. 12:15 am – Completed report 6) Please type the answers to the questions found throughout the lab here. 1. Bid rigging is well rigging a bid so that a certain firm will win the bid. Bid Rotation is when bidding is predetermined which firm is going to win and the other firms involved in the process get something out of it as well so basically a win-win situation for all involved parties. Bid suppression is where firms can enter the bid but choose to not do so in order to let another firm win. Bid cover is when the firms making the bid knows their bid will be rejected so that another firm will the bid. 2. There are many words and phrases you would search for when looking when it comes to bid rigging which include bid, cover up, fraud, lie, cheat, agreement First off the language barrier can be a problem, even with a translator things can still be complicated. On top of that, different countries have different laws. Those different laws can make trying to stop bid rigging much harder because they may have softer laws or…...

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