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...Etiquette Etiquette is the rules by which we handle ourselves in social situations such as around a dinner table, the way we dress appropriately for different functions or appropriate behavior when meeting strangers or people from other cultures. The basis for good etiquette is a respect that you show towards your fellow men and what you expect other people to behave towards you in a civilized and orderly manner. Etiquette is important to order and regulate social situations especially where strangers meet for the first time and again a sign of respect towards each other. It is also an important tool for people to be accepted into a social circle of their choosing. The first example of etiquette which I use in my own life is how to conduct myself towards people older than me or people in authority over me. My attitude should be respectful and my body language should show it in things like a humble but self-assured way. This can be achieved by an upright but not proud body position, down cast highs but direct looks when spoken to, a firm but efficient hand shake, not for too long. Your tone of voice should be clear and even with no trace of aggression. The second example is how to conduct yourself when meeting strangers. The etiquette around this theme can differ from group to group, for example, more informal when meeting peers, a difference when mixed genders meet each other and when younger and older people meet. When meeting a peer of a same gender, a person can...

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...Etiquette defines it as the forms, manners, and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in social relations, in a profession, or in official life.Some business organizations have administrative manuals in which acceptable codes of behavior are listed. Etiquette is respect, good manners, and good behavior. It is not just each of these things, but it is all of these things rolled into one. Five elements of business behavior is meeting people, telephone etiquette, correspondence etiquette, work etiquette, and dining etiquette. First is meeting people when meeting people both nonverbal and verbal behaviors help to define your social skills. Using effective handshakes, good eye contact, and making the proper introductions show proper etiquette. Handshakes are vital in social situations. Develop a comfortable handshake and keep it consistent. Handshakes should not be too hard or too soft. Make a solid connection of the web skin between the thumb and forefinger. The host or person with the most authority usually initiates the handshake. Eye contact is another critical factor when meeting people. Eye contact increases trust. It shows confidence and good interpersonal skills. Eye contact shows respect for the person and business situation. Secondly, proper introductions help to establish rapport when meeting people. Authority defines whose name is said first. Say the name of the most important person first and then the name of the person being introduced. ......

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...Role of the senses in a human dining experience Food in recent times has evolved beyond just the taste buds. Eye appeal, smell and textures have now become involved in a complete dining experience. Today it is not just about how good the food on your plate tastes, but also about where you eat it, how it looks on your plate, how you eat it, the sounds, if any emitting from it and how it smells. In short it involves all senses in the human body. Where you dine is an important aspect in what you take out of a meal. If you have the same food at a roadside dhaba and at a Michelin star restaurant, it will still feel and taste different because of the different dining environments. Ambience is an important aspect of the dining experience. This is the reason why restaurants spend a pretty penny on getting the look of the dining area just right in order to give their customers a unique meal. In ethnic or specialty restaurants, the entire focus is on recreating the atmosphere, which is why you have traditional art work on walls, mirrors and staff wearing traditional clothes as a fixture in Indian specialty restaurants or pictures from 50’s America along with car seat type seating in an American themed diner. Customers also get unconsciously perceived signals from the restaurant décor. Bright lights and loud colours, as found in most fast food joints gets them to hurry up and complete their food whereas subdued colours and dim lighting in upscale restaurants gets them to relax,......

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...changed rapidly. The contemporary life in the biggest cities has, in many ways, become similar to United States and Europe. However, most Mexican villagers follow the older way of life more than the city people do. There are a few etiquettes that are valid around Mexico when it comes to social relationship, greeting, dining, attire, opposite sex, shopping, and bargaining. In Mexico, the greeting and meeting formalities are very important, it is considered rude to fail to follow social protocols. It is essential to use physical contact to build trust and respect with others. Mexicans often hold a gesture (hug or handshake) longer than Americans and Canadians do. In social situations man shake hands until they know someone well, then they progress to more traditional back slapping and hugs. When women greet each other in social situations they usually do not shake hands, instead pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder. Men bow when greeting a woman in Mexico, and shake hands only if she extends her hand first. But, in business situations women usually offer a handshake. Mexicans are all about physical contact, it is essential. Dining etiquette in Mexico is important to follow if ever dining at a restaurant or in a Mexican home. When dining at Mexican´s home its necessary to remember to always show up 30 minutes or later in most places. Because arriving on time or earlier than planned is considered inappropriate. If you are invited to somebody’s home you should......

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...Business Etiquette in China IMS 3310.006 Professor Zydorek Mahir Modgil Christian Kelly Saabiq Hossain Marlee Kargou Jose Moreno Jeremy Liu Matthew Liu Ever since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, the United States’ exports to China have increased more than 500 percent. In addition, according to Business NH Magazine, New Hampshire’s first statewide monthly business publication, the United States Government estimates that by 2020, China’s middle class will grow to about 700 million people (Fierman 14). As a result, China presents unique opportunities for American businesses of all sizes. However, even though China’s business environment might offer great prospects, the challenge for American entrepreneurs is adapting to China’s business culture. In order for one to successfully acclimate to China’s business culture, China’s social values, specific business etiquettes, and common mistakes made by Americans need to be examined. The first step in adapting to China’s business culture is understanding the social values that underlie Chinese social behavior. Chinese social behavior is reflected in 6 concepts: renqing, li, mianzi and lian, and guanxi and bao. According to Allan Chan, the associate dean of the School of Business at Hong Kong Baptist University, renqing can be interpreted as meaning emotions or the way of interpersonal interactions (Chan 48). No matter how renqing is interpreted, the essence of renqing is showing appropriate......

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...Kimberly Lepkowski Business Dining AB224-01 Unit 1 Professor Enrico DiGiammarino August 28, 2012 Business Dining Your boss calls you into his office and explains to you explains to you that he is going to be out of town and you have to entertain the most important client in the company at a business dinner. Are you going to know how to act? You know that you have to find something to wear, do you dress casually or more business-like? What types of conversations do you bring up? This is just a few of the things I am going to discuss. I. How to choose the restaurant When you go to choose the restaurant, try and choose one you are familiar with and one that you have been to before. If travel is necessary to get to the restaurant that you choose, remember that it is better if you have to travel further then your guest. Tipping the head waiter will allow you to be recognized and may result in better service. II. Arriving at the restaurant When arriving at the restaurant, be sure you are the first one there. Being the first one to arrive at the restaurant can ensure you get the table you want. It can also allow you to speak to your waiter about the bill so there is no commotion about who pays the bill after the meal. As your guests are arriving try to be standing by the door so you can greet each guest by name and give a firm handshake as you are saying hello, this will let your guests know that they are important to you. III. Table manners a.......

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