Dog the Bounty Hunter

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Dog the Bounty Hunter
Dog the Bounty Hunter not only captures criminals and puts them in jail; he tries to help them make their life better.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a reality television show on A&E that follows Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family on bounty hunts. When people miss court or try to bond jump; the judge puts out a bond revocation and then they must capture the criminal or they lose their money they put up to get the person out of jail. He encourages them to try to turn their lives around.

This is part of society that most shows don’t show. He started his career 27 years ago after he spent 18 months in a Texas prison. Now he is living on the right side of the law because he doesn’t ever want to go back to prison. Dog has helped catch the most dangerous people, and even a high-profile rapist. “He credits most of his success from getting the most out of his informants.” He says “70% of all his captures happen because some ol’ American has turned them in by giving him information.

He has the bondsman business with his wife “Beth” and their kids also work for him. They are located in Hawaii and even do bounty hunting in Denver Colorado. He helps fellow bondsman named Bobby Brown when he goes there to visit. They originally started in Denver but have since moved to Hawaii. They still do bounties in Denver but that is not their main focus. Every criminal that he captures, he uses his own past experiences to show the fugitives that they can change, and today is the day to start. He doesn’t use real bullets when he goes on bounties; he uses bean bag ammunition or pepper balls. When he captures fugitives with speed or ice on them he makes them smash it on the ground and pour water on it.

For the criminals that want help and get better he will offer them a chance to get into rehab. Beth helps mothers get their lives straight and…...

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