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Space shuttle Enterprise to arrive in NY on Friday
By DEEPTI HAJELA | Associated Press – 3 hrs agoEmailNew: Now the email button gives you a quick and easy way to start a conversation. tweetShare12PrintRelated ContentFILE- In this Nov. 20, 2003 file …

FILE - In this Feb. 18, 1977 file …
NEW YORK (AP) — Look! Up in the sky! It's a ... space shuttle?

An unusual flying object is scheduled to arrive in the city's airspace Friday — the space shuttle Enterprise.

Enterprise is expected to get to the city riding on top of a modified jumbo jet. Its trip was to include low-altitude flyovers over parts of the city and landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum on Manhattan's west side.

The shuttle had been scheduled to arrive earlier in the week but NASA pushed it back because of bad weather.

The shuttle prototype was housed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington but will soon be making its home at the Intrepid, where it will be "the largest and most significant space artifact in the entire Northeast," said Susan Marenoff-Zausner, Intrepid's president.

That won't happen right away; after its fly-around, the Enterprise is heading to Kennedy Airport, where it will remain for a few weeks until it's taken off the 747 jet it rode to New York.

After that, Marenoff-Zausner said, it will be put on a barge in early June and brought up the Hudson River to the Intrepid, where it will be put on the flight deck and a pavilion over it will be completed. The museum anticipates opening the shuttle exhibit to the public in mid-July.

"When somebody comes to visit, they will not only see the shuttle itself, but will have an engaging and interactive experience inside the pavilion," she said.

Enterprise comes to New York as part of NASA's process of wrapping up the shuttle program, which ended last summer. At the…...

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...Philosophy 03/11/12 Drinking I have made many big decisions in my life, but one of my biggest ones is the choice not to drink. Many people take the chance and get their scholarships ripped up or even they could possibly get caught behind the wheel of a car and get charged for the zero tolerance law for people drinking under the age of twenty-one and possibly serve time in jail. Underage drinking is not worth the risk of getting caught. Overall, I am not going to start drinking before the age of twenty-one because there are way to many risks involved that can jeopardize my future and I honestly don’t think that it is worth it. The ethical egoism of my choice is so that I would not be charged with underage drinking charges because that will stick with me for the rest of my life. It would be hard to convince my children not to drink until they are twenty-one because I would not be able to set an example if I did not follow what I was saying. Another reason I do not drink is because of the lifetime risk. Around five thousand people under the age of twenty-one die due to motor vehicle accidents, suicide, and also falls, burns, and drowning all because they had too much to drink and could not control or think through what they were doing completely. Another dangerous effect of me drinking at my age is that my brain is not yet fully developed, so it could affect my brain from developing fully. Other affects that drinking has on a person at a young age is liver problems and......

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