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Dear Educator,

Thank you for your interest in the change, growth and empowerment of Native Youth Education. This curriculum was developed specifically for educators in the state of Maine’s public high schools who wish to use this guide as a tool to improve Native Youth Education. NEG (Native Education Guide) provides lesson ideas and examples that support current lesson structures as well as implementing a culturally appropriate material for the Native Student. While many Native Education curriculums exist, NEG is designed to adapt to the block scheduling of the Public High School in Maine. This curriculum recognizes the appropriate education material needed for its intended audience, which focuses on the tribes of Maine whose youth attend Public High School.

NEG aims to provide its learners with a set of educational experiences that encourages empowerment and positive Native identity through community education. Native Education is the study of the human, tribal, environmental, historical and social experience of the Natives of Maine. Native Education is very complex with a lot of variables such as time, space, place and the students; NEG therefore focuses on a number of messages: - Community Building - Seventh Generation Sustainability, Economics and Ecology - School Education Policies and Institutions (Boarding Schools to Current Education Models) - Colonization and the “White Expansion” - Cultural Appropriation - Native Ritual, Ceremonies, Practices, Healing Circle - Dominant Religions and their Influence on Culture - Oppression vs. Empowerment - Healthy Relationships: Home, Peers and with Educators - Native Health: Culturally Appropriate Sex Educations, Native Sexuality, Native Gender, Roles, Relationships - Inherited Community Trauma - Resources: Native Based Support Groups, Clinics, Organizations - Movie…...

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