Duties of a Professional Manager

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The Role and Duties of a Professional Manager
A professional manager is an experienced person, an expert in his domain. He is trained to do his job well and be as efficient as possible. A professional manager must be versatile. He has to adapt in many situations that may occur during his job, that being said, he has to have an ability to choose well, and decide. There are few tasks that professional manager ought to follow, like for example the trinity of being social (interpersonal relations), gathering data and making thoughts and reflections, and at the end to decide.
Manager is guide to a company. He has to set goals a company should achieve, make a principle list for employees, tries to envision things that could build up morale in a company. It is manager’s job to build a space in which people can feel freely while working and focusing on their tasks. This space makes people think they are noted and needed in a company.
Planning is another duty of a professional manager. It starts with establishing the process and the system, scheduling them and giving deserved time and quality. Next is sharing with team members, data about schedule, objectives, goals, and reviewing responsibilities for every position. Managers also have to estimate strengths and weaknesses of project, as well as review personal development plan for every employee.
In order to monitor properly, manager has to keep up with interpersonal connection with employees. Tell them about their good work if they are doing well. Help those whose performance drops, by being an informal coach to them. Keep year reviewing sessions rolling to check employees performance. Documenting data and observations in a log or notebook can be used later at meetings. Making questionnaires for employees is a good way to gather feedback from them, and help preparing possible solutions for the nearest future.
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