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Effective Communication in the Work Place

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace
Natasha Francis
Strayer University
Dan Bailey
BUS 100
August 2, 2014

Effective communication is defined as “sending the right message that is also being

correctly received and understood by the other person.” Many times communication is

happening but not in an effective manner. This is either because the sender is not sending the

right message or the message is not being understood by the receiver. Effective communication

requires both parties to be interested in hearing what the other has to say. A time when I

experience effective communication in a business environment was when I took my two boys to

their annual care check-up. The effective communication I experienced was eye

contact, listening, and nonverbal communication.

First, effective communication I experienced was eye contact. I perceived this to be an

effective way to communicate because the doctor made eye contact with me to inform me of

what was going on with my sons. I felt as if her making eye contact showed me that she was

professional, it indicated a level of respect and confidence in her knowledge. Maintaining eye

contact will also demonstrate to the speaker that the listener is paying attention. According to

Nikki Parker (2013), “The key elements in effective communication would be saying what you

mean in as few words as possible, eye contact, listening with both your eyes and ears, finding

your voice, and behavior.”

Second effective communication I experienced was listening. Listening with my

eyes and ears enabled me to look for nonverbal gestures that could have told me more about the

messages being delivered to me. Listening with my ears helped me take in what was being said

and thoroughly understand the message that was being conveyed. Listening long…...

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