Eligibility Rules

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Eligibility Rules
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February 20, 2014
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Eligibility Rules

Eligibility Rules of Human Service Organizations Offering Shelter for the Homeless | Program Types of $ Counted Concept Underlying Idea Beneficiary Unit of Concern Wages Assets of “Need” | United States Department of Veteran Affairs is the second largest department in the United States the first is the U.S. Department of Defense. | No Requirement | No Requirement | Medical needs, income support, and permanent housing needs. | Veterans and their dependents. “The term “veteran” means a person who served in the active U.S. military, naval, or air service and who were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable, [Reference 38 USC 101(2)],” DVA (2014). | Mary’s Shelter is an independent non-profit corporation. Since this corporation is faith-based some government and private funding is unavailable. | Percentage if they are in the workforce to pay for a portion of services and the remainder goes into a savings account for them to have future stable housing. | Only a consideration if they have anything substantial and accessible to them while under the age of 18. If so, the funds will be used only toward future stability. | At or below 200% federal poverty level,Subsidized shelter, medical, and educational needs. | Pregnant teens, their babies, father’s and sometimes the extended families. They are not equipped to handle any other siblings the teen mother may already have while assisting the teen mother with the present pregnancy. | There are large differences in criteria of eligibility requirements for each of these programs. Mary’s Shelter offers shelter to…...

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...Evaluating Eligibility Rules In all agencies everywhere there are qualifications to receive assistance. These qualifications are also known as eligibility rules. With eligibility that means that you have to meet the requirements to be accepted into the program. Whether it is gender, age, social status, height, weight, or area you live in. All organization has the authority to come up with their eligibility rules. A program must have structure because without it the program would not be successful. There has to be a limitation to how many people a program can help at a time because overcrowding takes attention away from people. The Beachway therapy center only accepts 24 clients at a time. This helps the members to have individual attention, and specifying on their needs. Certain insurances apply. Those listed are Assurant Health, Insurance partners, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, and United Healthcare (Beachway, 2010). To see if a person’s insurance is accepted there is a number listed on their website or you can fill out and submit an application and the agency will be sure to contact a person within 24 hours. Among admittance there must be a psychological history given, especially for a patient with a “dual diagnosis”. All the other patients must pass a physical exam from a family doctor and have the results sent to the treatment center prior to being accepted into the program. Due to the type of insurance a client has, there are limitations of the......

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...Evaluating Eligibility Rules HSM 240 Rules are important in every aspect of life. Eligibility rules are equally important for any kind of services offered, especially those offered to assist the general public. The Arc program, as well the local Chemung Arc, is an organization developed to assist those with developmental disabilities and just like every other organization, it has eligibility rules for the people it assists and services. ARC has eligibility requirements that most would consider not too difficult to establish. Any person with any kind of intellectual or developmental disability is accepted into the ARC program, where services vary depending upon need. The catch to these services is the way a person and/or their family will able to financially make the decision to join the organization. The eligibility rules for such programs as Medicare and Medicaid may be the toughest rules to fall into. Being defined as intellectually or developmentally disabled is done by a doctor, usually at a very young age. Being diagnosed as disabled by a doctor falls under: eligibility by professional discretion. Once diagnosed, unfortunately lots of doors and opportunities close for a person. In order to successfully go to ARC for assistance in opening these doors back up, Medicaid is a popular route to take for financial assistance. Information on applying for Medicaid services is very limited online. ARC states, “Medicaid is, however, extremely complicated” (The ARC, 2013)....

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...Eligibility Change in the NBA The National Basketball Association is a billion dollar business and is known as one of the largest and most prestigious organizations within American sports today. It is also home of one of the most controversial rules in all of sports, which is known as the “one and done rule.” The one and done rule restricts high school basketball players from entering the NBA Draft straight out of high school (Zegers). According to this policy, anyone who wants to enter the NBA Draft must complete at least one season and school year at the collegiate level or be at least the age of nineteen. This policy created by NBA Commissioner David Stern went into effect for the 2005-2006 season of the NBA (Medcalf). The creation of this rule between the National Basketball Association and the players union caused immediate backlash from many players who all felt that the policy was very unreasonable. The one and done rule should be changed to either go play in college for two years or be able to head straight to the NBA, because coaches have difficulty recruiting players who only want to play one year and it could be bad for players to have to go to school first if they were to suffer any problems that could occur due to their decision. Millions of Americans including myself are huge fans of college and NBA basketball. I love to watch my favorite college basketball players go to the NBA and follow their career of playing professional basketball. Prior to the......

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...Eligibility, Payment, and Billing Procedures * Describe a factor that determines patient benefits eligibility. * What are the appropriate steps to take when insurance does not cover a planned service? * Relate these steps to the eligibility factor you identified and provide two examples of patient charges with corresponding billing transactions. Some factors that determine a patients benefits eligibility is their age, marital status, immigration status, healthcare needs, and work history. Also, if the patient works for a company that provides insurance, the insurance company may only cover the health care until a certain dollar amount, and then the patient is responsible for the rest. The appropriate steps to take when the insurance plan does not cover the service that is planned for the patient is to first tell them! The patient needs to be told and explained to that the insurance plan does not cover their service that was planned and if possible, why it is not covered. Many people think that their insurance will cover many different services but, this is not always true. I am still unaware of what my insurance plan covers and does not cover completely. Then, the patient needs to be told that if they choose to continue with the planned service, the insurance company nor the provider will be responsible for the remainder of the bill. They need to be told that they will be responsible for paying the bill completely. Some choose not to go through with the......

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...Evaluating Eligibility Rules Sarah Wegner HSM/240 January 25, 2015 Ricardo Castro Evaluating Eligibility Rules The Salvation Army of the U.S.A. is held in high esteem by the public as an excellent community and human services provider. This program is a compilation of programs under the principle of service through the word of Jesus Christ. They state as their mission: “The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination” (2009). The Salvation Army application of rules for prior contributions, administrative performance, private contract arrangements, use of professional discretion and confidentiality, attachment to the workforce, and application of proper judgment (2005) allow for best practices to be applied. They also use means testing which applies an analysis of need less assets plus income. All of these factors speak well for them in making an evaluation of this organization. Regardless of any other eligibility requirements, The Salvation Army offers its services to anyone who is in need. Anyone who is affected by a disaster can qualify for services through their programs. This is a simple process because of the fact that The Salvation Army acts as a second responder which makes it easier for them to accept many......

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...SAP Eligibility Rules Jeanine Jones University of Phoenix HSM/240 December 10, 2013 In an organization, eligibility rules are so important because they allow clients to receive benefits and services. Eligibility rules seek the resources that are available to the clients and ration them so that people can learn and benefit from resources. Sometimes when the eligibility rules are not correctly propositioned, people will not even the available resources. Decisions need to be made and whether a person qualifies for assistance falls between guidelines that are set into place for the greater good of the clients. The Substance Abuse Program is an important organization whose eligibility rules matter the most because the inmates have already been stripped of all of their rights. The main eligibility process for the Substance Abuse Program is through Judicial Decision. Because the Substance Abuse program is only offered to incarcerated inmates and this opportunity is handed down by a judicial ruling. Inmates may plead their case to the court, and in many instances they know that being accepted into the program means reduced sentencing. Instead of focusing on getting out of custody to return to the same habits, inmates should really appreciate the special program that they are limited to. Judicial decisions are important because each ruling is different. The Substance Abuse Program has been around through the correction facility for a while and there are......

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...order to qualify, the families must be income eligible, without any recent drug or violent criminal activity. Eligible families are afforded to rent safe, decent and sanitary housing in the private rental market. The family pays 30 percent of their adjusted income towards rent; and HUD subsidizes the remaining portion directly to the landlord via DHA. However, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is a private organization that advocates for and provides a continuum of housing and a variety of services to improve the health, well-being and stability of those it serves, whether it is a family, disabled veteran, mentally ill individual, or a single man or woman. Depending on the circumstances that you are in, the qualifications and eligibility requirements will be different. They have programs that offer housing facilities with lowered rents for low to moderate income families, or transitional housing for an individual whom has been approved for section 8 and is waiting for a home....

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