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Employee Development

Reinforcing Balancing

Employee development is necessary component of a company’s effort to improve quality, to meet the challenged of global competition and social change. Development helps prepare them for changes in their current job and helps them to advance into other areas within the company. To identify development needs, employee must consider what they want to do. A development need can result between current abilities and the type of work that the employees wants in the future. Therefore development programs should be effective by creating a positive development environment and ensuring employee readiness for development and making sure their work environment supports development activities. The diagram reads as follows: When I thought about employee development this first thing I look at is their formal education, what does this individual have that can add vale to the company or can I see their potential of success within the company. Next is the personality which is very important in any business when dealing with customer, co-worker as well as managers. Everyone personality is different so it’s important to know how well they communication with other, how they organize task and how they follow through with plan or goals that have been set. Employee personality will determine if they are open to learn and to gain knowledge to help with their future success. Then there is job experience, we must look at the individual’s skills and past job experiences and the skills required for the job to see how that person will fit in within the organization. Sometime people experience stress when change takes place, and employees don’t easily adapt and that’s where training come in to help mode them on a successes path.
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