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Bus 521-Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Dr. Amanda Manner

Le Petit Café is a Coffee and Sandwich shop which is located in Bethesda, Maryland a very urban part of the city with lots of offices and tourists along with a lot of outdoor activities at all times. Le Petit Café will serve the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious sandwiches making sure it develops a huge loyal customer base which will be of utmost importance since this will not only generate majority of the sales of my business but will make for a basis of favorable referrals and loyal customers to the business and will targets to expand with the first three years into the entire metropolitan area of District of Columbia and Virginia.
The Café will focus on serving healthy sandwiches targeting the busy professionals and tourists that come through the area which is why it will be located in this particular location whose population and demographics is made up of working and health conscious professionals based on result from surveys taken by Le Petit Café. Main focus of the café will be to position it as a very unique place where patrons will not only enjoy a cup of well brewed coffee and healthy sandwiches but at the same time enjoy a very comfortable and favorable environment with very comfortable chairs, table, sofas with good lighting and relaxing music to assist them in relaxing and therefore help differentiate the culture from that of the other sandwich/coffee shops. Adams, R. (2012). Le Petit Cafe hopes to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors making sure the business is known for the healthy fast food that it serves.

Business Value
The business value at Le Petit Café will be to get employees involved in giving feedback and suggestions on improving growth both for the business and themselves. The idea behind providing healthy fast food came…...

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