Escape from Reality

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Likhitha Reddy
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Honors Special Topics: Films of Terry Gilliam
May 6, 2103
Escape from Reality
The modern world is plagued by the departure from an idealistic and imaginative state of mind into a realm of superficial social anxieties. Director Terry Gilliam, an American-born British director and member of the comedy group Monty Python, displays the theme of the rejection of pragmatism in favor of imagination in many of his movies. The theme of escaping from mundane reality into an alternative, inspired universe is most prevalent in his films Time Bandits (1981), The Fisher King (1991), and Tideland (2005). In Time Bandits, escape is more physical than mental as inspired pre-teen Kevin leaves his mundane life and consumerism-oriented world for a taste of adventure. The Fisher King presents a much different type of escape- Parry is a man who witnesses the murder of his wife and falls into a catatonic state only to emerge as a man who abandons his old life, including memory of his late wife, in order to find the “Holy Grail,” a worthless trophy that he sees in a magazine. Tideland is depicts another mental escape scenario and tells the story of the young daughter of two drug addicts in perpetual denial of her abused state who is aided in her fantasy world by doll heads that she wears on her fingers. Whether physical or mental, escape can provide a temporary panacea, but the problem with it is that one must always return.
Time Bandits, released in 1981, was Gilliam’s first solo-directorial box office success. It features an inquisitive and inspired child named Kevin who leaves his neglectful, consumerist parents to travel time with six dwarves. In the opening scene of the movie, Kevin is trying to relay to his parents the wonders of life in Ancient Greece but to his dismay, they essentially disregard him and are immersed with the desire to buy…...

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