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ESCI 1040
Test 2
Due March 29, 2011

Directions: Answer the following questions in your own words using your text (ch 7-10 and 12). Several of the questions refer to multiple chapters. Please keep in mind that because this is a take-home, open book test, your answers should demonstrate that you understand the material. Your answers should be well thought out, complete yet succinct, well written, with references cited. This is not a group effort; please make sure your work is your own. Please be careful with the use of images, if you do not explain your images you will receive no credit for them. Please e-mail me the test completed, including the multiple choice questions that follow the essay/shot answer questions, as a doc, docx or pdf file. Good Luck!

1. Differentiate between relative and absolute dating. List, define and discuss the principles used to define relative age. Discuss isotopic dating: what atomic particles are involved, what are some common isotopes that are used, and what are some uses of isotopic dating? Be sure to explain the calculation of the age of a rock.
Relative dating is telling us the age of something compared to that of the substances around it, more plainly stated the sequence of events. Absolute dating tells how old something is, an amount of time can be associated with an object unlike in relative dating. There are four stratigraphy principles used to determine geologic history of a locality or a region: 1) original horizontally, 2) superposition, 3) lateral continuity, and 4) cross-cutting relationships. Original horizontally states that beds of sediment (sedimentary strata) deposited in water forms as horizontal or nearly horizontal layers. If rocks that are at inclined/folded have moved from their original position. The principal of superposition says that within deposition of sediment the oldest layer is at the…...

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