Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness

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“ Being very good is no good, you have to be very, very, very, very, very good”
I got this book on my first day; everyone in the agency got one. The eternal pursuit of unhappiness, the title of this crimson bible like book, about David Ogilvy’s ideal of what he thinks is the most prominent character that a highly creative person should possess. This little book changed the way I think and my altitude at work.

At the time I read it, I did not quite understand what it talked about at first. I thought I was either getting dumber after 2 months away from school or this book just plain boring. Until now, after more than two months into my internship, I started to really understand what the book really meant. The book captured a share belief that you should never be satisfies with yourself, you must always learn and make things better than the last time because “ when we green, we grow. When we ripe we rot.”
The book started out with eight virtue habits of a creative person. There are courage, idealism, curiosity, playfulness, candour, intuition, free spiritedness, and persistence. These habits are not only proprietary to advertising, but it is necessary for everyone to be a successful person.
Courage, this character is one of the most important because fear will suck away the youth, the adventure and our imagination. It will leads to self-doubt, and in the absent of courage, nothing good can be accomplished. Courage is the first habit that I related to. It is the first problem that I encounter at work. On the first day of my internship, I have this fear of saying or doing something wrong and it prevented me to express myself and be who I am. My first day was also my first time to attend meeting with customer and I was hesitant to express my opinions and ideas for a project. Then I realized if I keep minding what others think of me, I would never done anything…...

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