Ethics Game Simulation

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Ethics Game Simulation

University of Phoenix

MGT 216

November 7, 2010

G-Bio Sport’s Game Simulation

Today I had the opportunity to experience the interactions of ethics and problematic dilemmas facing an organization through a game simulation. The simulation placed the role of quality control manager (QCM) as my title within an organization called “G-Bio Sport’s.” Additionally, I was tasked with two dilemmas involving ethical issues, and the various ethical perspectives that were used in my analysis and decision making to resolve the dilemmas. This journal will reflect the issues, steps, ethical perspective used to base decision on and influence it played, as well as the correlation of various concepts within the simulation with my workplace.

Ethical Dilemma Issue (The Case of Fair Warning)

In the first dilemma products contaminated with high levels of GBS-Fibranafren, one of G-Bio Sport’s patented ingredients, which over two-thirds of the company’s products contain where found to have slipped through quality control. The dilemma provoked an issue of what the best decision would be to initiate a resolution to the issue. The company concluded that in healthy adults there was extremely low risk, though those with low immune systems would be at a higher risk, this with repeated use.

Decision Making Steps

In coming to an ethical decision or basis, I first identified the issues (whether or not to recall, disseminate the information, refund or replace the product) and then analyzed the issues enabling a clear perspective on the understanding of each issue. Additionally I did a stakeholder analysis to determine the stakeholders with the highest and lowest risk; this being the shareholders and the CEO of the company. The outcome was based on the duties that I should uphold ethically within the organization and of personal belief. I…...

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