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Ethics Report – task2 Human Resources RJDT
Strategies for ethics training on the job should be applied to all levels from temporary workers to upper management. There must be no basis for resentment among employees because of a real or perceived double standard of morality. The company itself must also model these standards to the public. Consistency builds credibility, a contrast to competitors and non-competing companies alike, who may not be as accountable to outsiders.
“This stage involves the use of managerial, communication, administrative, and persuasive abilities to ensure the choice is carried out. The success of a decision is based on how it is implemented.” (Becker 2011)

b.1 Strategies
Mentoring will help employees learn better ways of applying the code of ethics and understanding ways it can help them be more successful on the job.

Modeling is a natural extension of mentoring, since the company sees all employees as co-workers, and peer pressure is a useful tool for reinforcing positive behaviors. Forthrightness helps build trust. Accountability is an asset to relationships, and a good role model for employees following the code of ethics. Shifts power to the employee to determine how to apply the ethical standard and be responsible for the result. This is one factor in raising job satisfaction and performance, making employees see that every person’s actions count.
When one employee sees another engage in ethical, code-conscious activity, there is greater confidence in the desirability and safety of doing likewise. This is also relevant to the company desire to have a team atmosphere in the workplace. The code of ethics can help form the cohesion and internal agreement of effective teams by adding to common goals/challenges. Employees may engage in more unethical behavior that would harm the company if that is how they see managers and the…...

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Hr Strategy manufactures and distributes packaging and construction films/fabrics, soil protection/reinforcement products, and environmental containment liners.
We have an opening for an experienced Human Resources professional as: Director of Human Resources Reporting directly to the President, this is an opportunity to be a major player in the strategic direction and continuing growth of the company. 
The Role:
· HR professional with a broad range of experience, providing a full scope of HR services to multi-site organization with operations and offices in Canada and US.
· Primary focus is alignment of operations with corporate directions and strategies. This is a hands-on role and relationships with the various business units are critical.
· Senior Advisor – You will apply your considerable understanding of HR requirements within the various jurisdictions and local labour markets. 
· Business Enabler – You provide the leadership and insight to the development of HR strategies, performance management, and compensation. 
The Requirements:
· Extensive broad and well rounded HR experience; comfortable in a senior environment.
· Freedom to travel within Canada and the US.
· Prior experience of vendor management, e.g. benefits, comp & payroll providers.
· Track record as business partner with other business units.
· Good and clear communications skills – computer literacy is a must.
· Experience in industrial settings preferable with labour relations experience an asset.

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