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Ethnicity and the Police Part II: Final Deliverable
Adriana Urrutia
August 12th, 2013
University of Phoenix

Law enforcement and the community have always had an off and on relationship. Like any other relationship they have their disagreements, misunderstandings and break-ups. However at the end of the day both sides share common interests, deterrence and justice. With the influx of immigrants in the past decades the United States has been bombarded with many different cultures and languages. Therefore society’s views and opinions of law enforcement vary from ethnicity to ethnicity. We will be exploring how the Asian, Hispanic and Black communities see law enforcement from discrimination, racial profiling and past experiences. Also, we will discuss how non-minorities view law enforcement and their actions. The shattered relations between law enforcement and minorities will be included in the discussion. In addition, the police officers and the rise of diversity and how they interact with the community, response to the growth of ethnic communities and education on diversity. Lastly, racial profiling and its effects on police officers, the community and the department will be explored.
Ethnic Groups
The increase of immigration and diversity has sometimes made relationships with police difficult. Asian and Hispanics communities are often fearful of police officers due to there past experiences. There past experiences vary from their country of origin that was plagued with war and civil unrest. This includes corruption in law enforcement and abuse of power by authority figures. Leading many minorities to fear and sometimes dislike law enforcement. Hispanic communities often feel that police officers discriminated them by racial profiling them. In Arizona the very controversial SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration bill has passed which allows police…...

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