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An Exploration of English Euphenism
2014/02/13 Wang yusheng

Introduction 1.1 The definition of euphemism 1.2 The features of euphemism
The relationship among Euphemism, Language and Culture
The comparison about English and Chinese Euphemisms

Introduction 1.1 The definition of Euphemism Oral communication is one of the important ways to maintain the interpersonal relationship. People usually use some polite words to take the place of the rude ones in order to express idea more easily, make communication go more smoothly and avoid the offensiveness in communication. For this reason, euphemism is created. Euphemism is an ordinary linguistic phenomenon in the culture and plays an vital important role in the oral communication. Euphemism comes from the Greek. “eu” means good, pleasant, and “pheme” means speech. Consequently, euphemism means “to speak with good words or in a pleasant manner” (Neaman and Silver, 1990).

1.2 The features of euphemism 1.2.1 National features There are a lot of different surroundings and social environment in different countries. Whatʼs more different countries have different manners and cultures. Therefore, euphemism in different language has some different features. 1.2.2 Regional features There are different customs in different regions although they speak the same language.
For example, in American English, “in oneʼs birthday suit” means “naked”, it is a euphemistic expression. But this kind of expression donʼt exist in Australia.

1.2.3 Indirect Indirect is the most important feature in euphemism. The function of euphemism is to make use of some indirect expressions to avoid making people unhappy. For instance, when somebody is ill, we always say he or she is under the…...

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