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An author of the popular and successful series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan completely blew me away with his third and latest installment in the Heroes of Olympus series - The Mark of Athena. The book was published last October 2, 2012 and garnered distinguished awards namely #1 New York Times Bestseller, #1 Indie Bestseller, #1 USA Today Bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller. The novel continues where the Son of Neptune left off. The story is an unforgettable journey from across United States and Mediterranean Sea to Rome, where unexpected dangers, unbelievable discoveries and baffling problems await. Climb aboard the Argo II if you dare to unravel the great mystery of a thousand year old dispute between Greeks and Romans.
The author realized how many Greek and Roman Myths he had left untouched in the first series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He began to write the second series entitled Heroes of Olympus to compensate the demands of his avid fans. He used his experiences for his storyline from Warcraft and Scion that he and his children had played. After creating the storyline, Riordan created new characters such as Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank. Fortunately, the old characters such as Percy and Annabeth are still part of the main protagonists in the new story. Unlike the first series which uses first-person narration of Percy’s point of view, the second series is told in third-person and narrated by different demigods in every book. Moreover, the first series’ genre covers only Greek Mythology but the second series have the combination of Greek and Roman Mythology genre. Riordan actually found out that a lot of his fans enjoyed his new format as it allowed them to learn more about a certain character.
The setting of the book is very dynamic because the demigods have their quest to save the world from rising Gaea and her…...

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