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Two finalists for an open position: a seasoned worker with years of experience and a bachelor’s degree and a less experienced candidate who recently completed a master’s degree. Whom do you choose? “Experience absolutely matters. There is just no way around it,” says Terrica Richardson HR consultant for Wachovia Operations Center. Experience is important because this demonstrates that a person has worked in a professional setting. Working in a professional setting teaches a person about work ethics, as well as critical and analytical skills that cannot be learned in school, says Terrica.
Acquiring a degree seems especially important when the unemployment rate is so high. Many employers are now listing a bachelor’s degree as a requirement; it’s an easy way to help cut down hundreds of applications into a manageable pile. “Education is just a foot in the door, you can be trained for just about any job”, says Terrica. Everyone can not afford to invest in a full time traditional degree program right after high school. Lacking a college degree should not restrict your career choices. Many professionals start their careers in retail sales, customer service, or other positions that offer on-the-job training. Although a college degree program builds critical skills, few colleges and universities can fully prepare students for real-world challenges. Despite the substantial pressure to make good grades and to complete assignments on time, few college experiences can match the demands of a regular, full-time job.
A graduate degree may be an acceptable or even a good substitute for a few years of experience. But if the position calls for 10 years’ management experience and the candidate has a master’s degree, the degree is unlikely to be enough to make up for the experience deficit. Employers prefer college degrees because most often, they associate the following…...

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