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Structure analysis
Almeco CM Lab

1. Introduction
The purpose of this assignement is to conduct a structure analysis of the company in order to indentify which of the factors of the environment determine the organisation of the company, what strategy should the company choose and if the company is mechanistic or more organic.
As the medical industry is one of the leading industries in the Danish business world Almeco CM Lab is very provocative and interesting subject for analysing. The company has the ability to differentiate in such a big environment, because of that fact, the main aim of their organisation is to keep innovation. 2. External environmental analysis Each organisation’s activies, structure and choices are influenced by different factors, conditions, entitles and events. The main stakeholders of an organisations can be the surrounding industry, raw materials, Human Resource Management, financial resources, market, technology, economy, government and the internationalisation. The medical industry, being one of the leading industries in Denmark, has the biggest influence of Almeco CM Lab. The industry has expirienced global growth rates of approximately 7 % over a period of 4-5 years , owning to this fact, the ability to be more innovative is being given to the organistion, which means that the company should provide higher level of professionalism and specialisation. Almeco set up 1 000 m2 of production facilities and their plan is to grow and create more jobs, so the formalisation of the organisaion will be influenced. As long as the medical industry is young and diverse , it can easily satisfied the need of raw materials for production of medical treatments. So the competion in this area is mostly dependant on an advanced production method , which definetely can influence the centralisation of the…...

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