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* 1. Team members Shoyb Khan Vamshi Goud Vinod Vijaya Laxmi Vinay HR Vamshi Krishna Vijay k p Sunil N M * 2. Wegmans food market * 3. Case facts Wegmans is the chain of supermarket in USA. Headquarter is in Rochester NY. It has over 70 stores. All of the superstores are giants in size. It has annual sales of rs. 2 billion. It has separate department for every product. The company employs over 23000 people. They take care of the customers feedback. Each store is different from other & have separate ordering system. 1 truck of goods in regular days and 2 truck of goods in peak days comes to store. * 4. Questions1. How do customers judge the quality of a supermarket?2. How each of these factors are important to the successful operation of a supermarket: Customer satisfaction Forecasting Capacity planning Location Inventory management Layout of the store scheduling * 5. ANSWER 1•Are the prices considered low compared to the competition?•Are the staff friendly and knowledgeable about the store andproduct?•Can you get good customer service?•Does the supermarket stock the products that customers want?•Is the supermarket hygienic and well presented?•Is the supermarket marketing as a quality brand?•Does the store have a good refunds policy? * 6. Answer 2 Customers satisfaction From product From employees From pricing From Infrastructure From availability * 7. Forecasting Product forecasting Customers in regular and peak days * 8. Capacity planning Because as we all know planning is setting objectives or goals, strategies and techniques so, without of it do you think you can make things happen easily? Customers Amount of stock Employees needed during peak period * 9. Location Natural resources Customers Language Image Competitor * 10. Inventory managementWegmans uses a companywide system to keep track of inventory. Departments take a…...

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