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Finacial Performance

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Impact of Profitablity on Growth: consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Economic recovery remains vulnerable on all fronts a top-performing company analysis
Getting on the global map


Sales and income growth can be expected to influence rate of return and market value measures in both simulated and actual industries. It is unclear if growth in one year will affect profitability and market value measures in a succeeding year in simulated and actual environments. Asset growth, which can be used as a proxy for plant and equipment expenditures, and research intensity, may also affect sales and income growth in a base year or succeeding year, indirectly affecting profitability and market value. These direct and indirect effects may be different in simulated and actual industries, but if students are to learn from simulations there should be a reasonable correspondence between variable effects in simulated environments and real world industries. Recently, value based planning and performance measurement has been receiving more attention in business literature and in actual practice, since it provides a framework for using firm value as a strategic performance measures and focuses on profitability and growth as determinants of firm value (Varaiya, Kerwin, and Weeks, 1987). Many analysts and company executives believe that shareholder value (e.g., stock appreciation + dividends) is a better measure of long term corporate performance than accounting based figures such as ROl, ROE, and EPS which are subject to variation in accounting treatments and which do not take into account the company cost of capital, including debt interest cost and equity cost. Although income measures are widely used as performance measures in simulated environments, many simulations do not provide for computation of stock prices and in those that do, market…...

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...known for its purpose of allocating savings, from surplus units to deficit units. • One can have plenty of resources (cash or wealth), but is not prepared to use or consume in the current period but later in the future. • And on the other hand an economic agent may need funds for a specific purpose currently but due to some reasons have no adequate funds. • So financial institutions help in collecting funds and match the current needs of some investors and hence creating economic development by avoiding idle funds. • Some researchers (Herring and Santomero, 1991), argue that the direct impact of financial institutions on the real economy is minor, while the indirect impact of financial markets and institutions on economic performance is extraordinarily important. • A financial system which is efficient and healthy is a vital and necessary component for faster economic development. • If a financial system is efficient, then it should show profitability improvements, increased funds intermediation, better prices for financial products and quality services for consumers. • If the financial system is under tight regulation, financial markets would not be able to function efficiently and the use of resources would not provide desired outcomes. • It should also be noted that reforms in other sectors have less impact on the overall economic development if the financial sector is under control, (Edirisuriya, 2007). • As part of the economic growth......

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Finacial Planning If you have to choose an organisation for your project work this should be one where you have access to information preferably:  company where you are employed OR  any other organisation close to your home/office OR  any other company. You should be allowed to conduct your project and able to discuss your ideas and views with the executives working there. Defining the project will be easier if you use the following acid test. A project should ideally meet these criteria.  Will the implementation of the project bring about an improvement in the present status of an activity and can this improvement be quantified Quantification may be in terms of money saved, or better utilisation of time and manpower, better sales performance, higher production etc.  Is the project idea applicable in other similar situations? In other words, development of the idea of thesis, proving or disproving of a hypothesis the methodology, the framework for analysis should be such that it can be applied to other problems of similar nature. While it would have a distinctive of its own in its application to the specific situation the project would not be so exclusive that its principles have no other applications.  Does it have an underlying management principle, framework or model based on which the data is collected, analysed and arguments developed ?  Does the project report take into account factual data which is relevant to the particular situation ? The......

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