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April 18, 2012

Mr. Caldwell Dunn
2266 Benton Road
Bossier City, LA 71111

Dear Mr. Dunn,

According to the Louisiana Department of Education, each year nearly 10,000 Louisiana students between grades 7-12 drop out of school. Although there has been more growth in high school graduation we still have students dropping out. Statistics report that by the sixth grade, students have made the decision to drop-out or stay in school. If it were your child or mine that was struggling to stay in school, we would certainly do whatever it would take to get them the help they needed. Other children have the same needs, except their parents cannot afford tutoring for them. This is the reason Great Expectations Learning Center, a non-profit organization, was founded. We offer tutoring in Math and Reading comprehension three days a week after school. It is our mission decrease the middle and high school drop-out rate of students in the Haughton and Bossier areas.

Statistics show that there is a direct correlation between the drop-out rate and juvenile delinquency. And where there is delinquency there is crime because an unengaged, non-working individual will resort to any means necessary to have his or her needs met. So we are, and will be effected by the criminal-behavior of these drop-outs, either directly or indirectly. Research shows that student grades improve after attending a learning center and students report an increase in confident after attending a learning center, which means that children will stay in school and have a greater opportunity to graduate and move forward to college or a vocational school. A sixth grade student at my school asked if I could help him improve his math grade. When I asked him about his grades, he replied, “I mostly make B’s but in Math I make D’s and F’s.” He insisted that I call his mother that day! The next day he…...

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