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Formulation of a PICO question and online defence of that question. Is the NHS Otoacoustic emission hearing screening (I) for newborn babies (p), more accurate in diagnosing hearing loss(o), compared with the Health visitor distraction test(c).
The assignment aim is to formulate a PICO question, discuss and demonstrate the skills, in formulating evidence based practice (EBP) questions, using the PICO framework and defence of that question. The question above was formulated by the student utilising the PICO framework by (Sackett et al. 1997), which focused my enquiries, PICO is a mnemonic used to describe the four elements of a good clinical foreground question P for population, I for Intervention C for comparison, and O for outcome, as devised by (Sackett et al. 1997). According to Sackett et al. (1997) the process of enquiry occurring within practice, stimulates questioning and these enquiries can be posed as (EBP) questions.
The inspiration for the (EBP) question was, based on practice experience, when clients asked how effective the Otoacoustic emissions test (OAE) method recommended by (United Kingdom. National Screening Committee, 2006) (UK NSC 2006), and how it compared with the, Health visitors distraction test (HVDT) (Great Britain. National Health Service patient choices, 2011). I became aware of a gap in my knowledge (Lai, 2009) proposes the ability to recognise issues in practice settings and translate into explicit questions to fill knowledge gaps, is crucial to undergraduate and practice development, likewise Horsley, O’Neill and Campbell (2009) believe if a practitioner is ill-equipped, to give evidence based responses, to questions arising in practice setting from clients, reliable research exploration, is required to establish evidence based answers. consequently formulation of the(EBP) question, was essential to begin the search for…...

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