Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet

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The Foundations Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet
Deanna Fields, Kicia Gaines, Edward Thaxton
University of Phoenix
MMPBL/510 Implementing Organizational Initiatives
Professor Joel Maier
September 20, 2010

Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement – Edward Thaxton
The objective of our research study is to employ a team-based approach to identifying problem opportunity statements, effectively conduct generic benchmarking research, identify successful and unsuccessful generic benchmarking companies and recognize potential solutions to our problem opportunity statement and end-state goals. The design of the study includes peer-reviewed references, and utilization of a generic benchmarking worksheet. The team's approach to the research methods was to research the generic benchmarking information individually and incorporate our findings into one manuscript. Furthermore, the team-based research approach will provide enhanced solutions from three different perspectives and allow us to be more successful in our research, generic benchmarking methodologies and solution identification for California School Districts and Princeton Review.
Task B1: Benchmarking - California School Districts – Kicia California’s 978 school districts receive the majority of their funding through a formula known as “revenue limits.” Revenue limit funds can be used by school districts for general purposes, unlike funds received through categorical programs, which include restrictions on their use. Revenue limit funding is based on a complex series of formulas reflecting a long and complex history. And although it is commonly believed that revenue limit funds are equitably distributed because of a series of lawsuits in the 1970s and subsequent efforts to equalize funding per student, differences in funding per pupil can be significant…...

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