Fraud and Forensic Accounting

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Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Forensic Services → are directed to delivering solutions to clients for issues where there is disagreement about facts, or where business-related behavior is not in accordance with expectations or standards. → Forensic means "suitable for use in a court of law"

Forensic Accountants → are experienced auditors, accountants, and investigators of legal and financial documents that are hired to look into possible suspicions of fraudulent activity within a company; or are hired by a company who may just want to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring.

HISTORY OF FORENSIC SERVICES • Northern Hemisphere (North America and UK) evolved during late eighties and early nineties. • Australia evolved only during 1998. Before 1998, forensic services were provided by accounting practitioners on an ad hoc basis.

*Note: Forensic Services have been reactive rather than proactive. • Reactive → Tending to be responsive or to react to a stimulus. • Proactive → Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory


o Expert Witness Services

→ Forensic accountant’s role may be in the capacity of the expert witness.

→ Expert witness will produce a report that will be filed in court and upon which they will give evidence and be cross-examined.

o Valuation Services

→ Determines the fair value of the asset, interest, based on the amount a hypothetical purchaser who is willing but not anxious to buy, is prepared to pay a vendor who is not anxious to sell.

Valuation Techniques:

• Discounted Cash Flow Method

• Maintainable Earnings

• Maintainable Dividends

• Orderly Realization of Assets

o Economic Loss

→ Determines the…...

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...------------------------------------------------- Fraud and forensic accounting in small business’ Tasha S. Barnes ------------------------------------------------- Fraud and forensic accounting in small business’ Tasha S. Barnes Accounting fraud is serious issues for all businesses, but they are especially challenging for small companies that are “cash strapped”. Fraud undermine decision making, lead to financial losses and, in some cases, even force companies to lay off staff or shut their doors. Fraud is a common problem for small businesses. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), 30 percent of all fraud occurs in small companies. That is a disturbing fact considering that the estimated fraud loses for business of all sizes was nearly $2.9 trillion in 2009. Fraud occurs so frequently in small business for a couple of reasons. A common reason is that small companies typically have small or even single-person accounting staffs and limited internal controls; lack of separation of duty. It is typical to have the accountant also be the office manager and receiving clerk. Problems can arise if for no other reason than on one double checks the work. Besides being more susceptible to errors and fraud, small businesses also are less likely to discover them because financial audits are almost never performed. It seems, as though a new scam comes to light every day, with electronic-media inspired frauds such as phishing and spoofing,......

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...Regardless of the term accounting in forensic accounting, the discipline isn’t related to simply reading financial statements that are available to the public or dealing with other accounting issues; the usual accountants, portfolio managers, investment analysts, and etc. already do the regular financial tasks. Instead, forensic accounting scrutinizes the financial documents that are internal which aren’t readily available to the public; these documents are usually considered in litigation affairs. Generally, the field of accounting was undergoing a major overhaul; before the recent economic crisis that has devastated some parts of the western world, the accounting scandals regarding WorldCom and Enron pushed the field towards change. Accounting in general was put under scrutiny as a result of increasing white collar crime and the economic crisis pushed that process even faster and further. Ergo, there was an increasing need to have forensic accountants and the field in general needs proper development in its education system and practice for it to be effective. Overall, the laws of the developed world favor the ones who commit white collar crimes rather than a person robbing a convenience store with a gun. The problem with policymaking in the current democratic regimes is that it’s a paradox that allows white collar crimes like WorldCom and Enron to get away or only end up with a milder outcome than the robbers who may physically go out and do it with a gun. Of course,......

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...Importance of forensic accounting and fraud awareness in Malaysia As a result of recent, highly publicized financial scandals; reported increases in occupational fraud; and heightened concerns over money laundering to support terrorism and racketeering, legislative mandates and public expectations have heightened the necessity to hrther define the auditor's and accountant's responsibility for detecting fraud within organizations. Successful fraud or forensic accounting analyses and findings reported by practicing professionals may be the difference between whether perpetrators avoid detection of their illegal activities or they are brought to justice. In most cases, success is directly and primarily dependent upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the professionals performing the work. Consequently, the demand for entry-level professionals with formal education in fraud and forensic accounting has grown. Academic institutions and stakeholder organizations that provide education in these fields are faced with a number of questions regarding the nature, extent, and format of a worthwhile curriculum. A review of existing higher education institution offerings indicates that the number of courses available varies from a single class to programs of 4-10 different courses. Programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level as majors, minors, tracks, or as nondegree "certificate" programs. Further, job opportunities and the student applicant pool are likely to vary...

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...Submission of Research paper as a part of curricular activity. Forensic Accounting: A new dynamic approach to investigate fraud. SUBMITTED BY: Aniket Desai (12BBL016) Alakananda Duggirala (12BBL016) Rut Shah (12BBL051) SUBMITTED TO: Dr. Pranav Saraswat For the academic session July to December 2014 1 PREFACE This research project is carried out as a part of curricular activity for the course of Financial Audit, in semester V for the programme LLB (Hons.). We have tried our best to do justice with the project and put it in black and white the research we've done in the last three months. Regards, Aniket Desai Alakananda Duggirala Rut Shah Date: 2th November, 2014 _______________________________ Signature of the researchers. 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr (Mr.) Pranav Saraswat, the faculty for the course of Financial Audit, for his constant guidance and support which helped us to conceive this research project. It is also my duty to record my thankfulness to Dr. Atul Bhatt, the librarian of the Institute of law, Nirma University for keeping handy useful resources which helped me collect information and datas which was very important for my doctrinal research work. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and colleagues for the support whenever required. Regards, Aniket Desai Alakananda Duggirala Rut Shah 3 DECLARATION We hereby declare that this piece of written work...

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