Fuel Filter Removal

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* What Tools May/Will I Need? * (2) 19mm Combination Wrenches (3/4" will also work)
*Note* The open end on some wrenches may be too thick to fit around the neck of the fuel filter - my Craftsman wrenches were like this. I used another 19mm wrench (no-name brand) that was thinner for this job. * (1) 14mm Flare-nut Wrench [optional] * (1) 12mm Wrench or Socket (3/8" Drive) * (1) 10mm Wrench or Socket (1/4" or 3/8" Drive) * (1) 8mm Wrench or Socket (1/4" or 3/8" Drive) * (1) 3/8" Drive 6" [or longer] Extension * (1) 3/8" Drive Socket Wrench (or Air Ratchet) * (1) 1/4" Socket Wrench (or Air Ratchet) [optional] * (1) Phillps #2 Screwdriver * Shop Towels * Safety Goggles * Latex Gloves

The 3000GT Fuel Filter |

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate the elusive 3000GT/Stealth fuel filter (right), disconnect and remove it from the vehicle, and install a replacement filter. You should not be particularly fond of the skin on your knuckles, as you will most likely lose some of it. |

The fuel filter, when disassembled, looks like the picture on the right. Note that the parts you will be turning to remove the fuel lines are the gold-colored bolts, NOT the neck (black) of the fuel filter itself |

The Procedure | Remove the Spare Tire | | Unscrew the bolt that holds it in the center. | | | Remove the Passenger Side Cargo Tray | | | | There are three black screws that hold the plastic tray to the trunk floor. | | | Remove the Fuel Pump Access Panel | | | | Remove the four screws that hold the fuel pump access panel to the trunk floor. If you've never done this before or if you live in an area that uses salt on the roads, these screws may be rather hard to loosen. Be careful not to strip them. | | | Disconnect the…...

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