Fundamentals of Statistics

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Fundamentals of Statistics
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This paper will discuss the analysis of two sets of data. The mean, median, and mode will be analyzed and charted. The standard deviation will also be discussed along with the variance. A summary of the data and its results will be discussed in conclusion.

Fundamentals of Statistics Statistics are used for many different things in our lives. We have used them to in order to try and figure out who is the best at a sport or what company may give us the best return on our investment. The bottom line is statistics have become a part of our everyday life. We are going to use statistics to answer some questions we have about people and how they feel about their jobs. For this analysis we are looking at two fields of data. The first is the gender and the second is the extrinsic. We have decide to examine this data to help us understand the difference in how the two genders feel about where they work and how their feelings rate differently. Let’s first take a look at the gender of those surveyed. The mean of those surveyed by gender is mostly female. We will also look at the mean of the extrinsic job satisfaction. The scale goes from 1 being the least satisfied to 7 as the most satisfied. The mean shows that on average both genders are satisfied fairly equal to each other. Here are the charts.

This shows a mean of 1.56667 which means that there were more females surveyed then males.

Here we see the mean of the extrinsic at 5.376667.
We are also looking at the median of both gender and extrinsic. This is used to tell us where the middle is in the data that ranges on a scale from one point to another. This is not an average but just statistic of where the middle value of the data is at. For the gender there is really no middle since you are…...

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