Funding a Business Venture

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Funding A Business Venture

John S. Garrett Jr.

American Intercontinental University

A business venture is a huge risk that involves money, time, patience, endurance and commitment. Money is needed to get the business off the ground and running. Time is required to give the business a chance to produce a profit. There are going to be good and bad days and you must have patience to see the venture through. There will be some tough and long roads ahead and you will need to endure them. If there is no commitment, you have wasted money, time, patience and endurance to a project that will affect you monetarily and possibly credit wise.

Funding a Business Venture The pros and cons to starting-up a business have been weighed. I do not have the money to start-up a business and neither the patience or time to see a business venture through. I weighed my options in starting a business: borrow money, sell stock, or license the technology. I have decided to license my technology. By doing this, I will have freed up my time and will not have to worry about incurring the expense in manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and selling a product. (Jackim, 2009) Nothing is easy in business. Sacrifices have to be made and deciding in which direction to go are major decisions. Go and talk with an investment banker. An investment banker is someone who specializes in different areas of economic growth. By hiring an investment banker, this person can assist in the legal and controlling obstructions in getting financed. He or she knows what to do in order to get the business the finances that are needed. The next step is to pay attention to the Stock Market. The Stock Market is an electronic public existence where…...

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