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1.0 INTRODUCTION Dr. Quarantelli is a widely known scholar of the social science of disasters. His first involvement in the area dates back to 1949 when he participated in the first disaster field studies in the National Opinion Research Centre (NORC) team. Quarantelli is also author and/or editor of 29 books as well as author of 101 chapters in books, 114 articles and 150 other publications mostly on disaster topics. The article chosen for this assignment was published in The Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (JCCM), in December 1996. JCCM is a peer-reviewed academic journal that covers all theoretical and practical aspects relating to crisis management and published by Blackwell.

2.0 ARTICLE SUMMARY The article assumes two master trends, industrialisation and urbanisation. The author discusses the likely negative and positive affects that will emanate from these trends at some stage in the future. The first trend, industrialisation, with its ever increasing development of technology, is expanding rapidly and this article provides examples on the advances in both computer technology and bio-engineering. Governments, industry and societies have an ever increasing dependence, not only on computer technology, but the linkages to other technologies and massive networks that have been created. This dependence will magnify future disasters and turn some minor emergencies into major crisis. The advancement in bio-engineering has the potential to create all kinds of disastrous consequences. Quarantelli states, “that there can and will, be the creation, or escape of some altered organism” (p.230). With rapid growth in technology, natural disasters will…...

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...From: To: Subject: Date: CPM PLUMBING INC rhardy@sourcelinkinc.com Re: Pics 5283 cr 132 wildwood fl Monday, June 20, 2016 11:06:27 AM Any waste disposed of through sewage drain line not connected in a proper manner to the proper disposal site, is a health hazard to anyone.    Measurements would need to be taken on site for an estimate of repair.   We would not be able to provide an estimate for repairs until waste is cleaned properly. Unfortunately, we do not provided waste clean-up services.  If you should have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact via e-mail or the office number provided below. Thank you Melissa Bowman Office Manager CPM Plumbing Inc PO Box 585 Oxford, FL 34484 352-330-0025 352-330-0071 ~ fax -----Original Message----From: Randy Hardy To: 'CPM PLUMBING INC' Sent: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 10:46 am Subject: RE: Pics 5283 cr 132 wildwood fl I haven't received a call from the tech yet but do you have someone there that can review the pictures and write even an email or send an email with a letter head attachment stating that the waste from the drain including items from the garbage disposal is dangerous and hazardest.    I have hired an attorney who is going after the inspector and I am told because its sewage etc that its in fact hazardest to my health and would require cleanup as well with lime or something..   Anything you guys could put in writing like that would be apperciated.  Thanks, Randy......

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