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School of development and strategic studies

DEPARTMENT: International relations and Diplomacy with IT

COURSE: Middle East in International Relations


LECTURER: Ms Cyprine Aduogo

YEAR OF STUDY: 3rd year, 1st semester

TASK: Group Work

DATE OF PRESENTATION: 1st October 2012


1. Tari Elizabeth Qabale DS/0002/010
2. Sessia Sammy Kipyegon DS/3005/010


Country formal name: Republic of Iraq and the local long form is (Jamhuriyyat al-Iraq)
Convectional short form: Iraq and the local short form is al-Iraq
Continent: Asia
Country Motto: Allahu-Akbar (God is the Greatest)
National Anthem: Mawtini (My Homeland)
National symbol: Golden Eagle
Terms for citizens: Iraqi(s)
Capital city: Baghdad which lies in the center east of the country and actually the largest city.
Current president: Jalal Talabani
Current Prime Minister: Nouri Al-Maliki

Year of independence: From United Kingdom on 3rd October 1932 and was declared a republic on 14th July 1958.
Historically, Iraq was known in Europe by the Greek troponin ‘Mesopotamia’ meaning the land between the rivers. Iraq has been home to numerous civilizations since 6th century BC. The ruins of Ur, Babylon and other ancient cities are situated in Iraq as well as the legendary location of the Garden of Eden. The region between Tigris and Euphrates rivers is identified as the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of writing and the wheel. The water from these two rivers as well as the fertility of the soil in the alluvial plain and the delta allowed early agriculture to sustain the population as early as 6 BC. Once known as Mesopotamia, Iraq was the site of…...

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