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1. What is the central theme of the Old Testament?
To do what’s right and follow the ways of the “all mighty” god.

1. The Old Testament divides into two parts. What are they?
The New Testament and the Old Testament.

2. Who are the three patriarchs? Why are they called this?
Isaac, Jacob and Abraham. They are used as significant markers by God in revelations and promises.

3. What is a covenant?
A binding contract, a legal agreement.

4. Explain the creation story from the Hebrew point-of view. Contrast to the Greek creation story.
The Hebrew’s believe that one man (God) created the whole earth. The Greeks believe several gods controlled different parts and things that happen (wind, rain, thunder) to the earth. With both story’s it seems the people just wanted to have something to blame as the cause for an affect. Maybe these are true stories or could simply be a way of explaining the unexplainable in their time periods.

5. How do the Hebrews’ account for evil being in the world?
Eating from a tree with knowledge of good and evil and then birthing and populating more people with this knowledge.

6. What is the six fold blessing promised to Abram if he left his country and his people and his father’s house and go to a land “I will show him”?
Make a great nation, be enriched, make his name great, bless those that bless him & curse those that curse him, Abram would be a blessing and all the families of the earth will be blessed by Abram.

7. Explain the story of Abram and Sarah and their two sons.
Sarah was barren and could have no children so they all went together to another land called Cannon and they lived there.

8. What is the significance of the near-sacrifice of Isaac?
It showed god the loyalty Abraham had for God which made God feel love for Abraham even more.

9. How did Isaac find a wife?
His father Abraham sent a loyal…...

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