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DUE – 1/12/2011

TASK- There are 2 Parts to this assessment.
Part 1 involves individual research of a specific topic.
Part 2 is a 1 hour written examination based on an article given to you a night before the assessment date. The examination contains questions which, in order to answer them, require the information which you have researched.

PART 1 - Research/Source analysis task on Gene Therapy.
Gene therapy has the potential to treat a number of conditions which hitherto have been untreatable. However, gene therapy has not yet been fully developed and their may be some ethical concerns concerning this form of treating disease.

In your research consider the following points: 1. What is gene therapy? 2. What are the advantages of gene therapy as opposed to conventional therapy for some disorders? 3. What procedures are used in gene therapy, eg., what is a vector? 4. Are there some types of cells which are more suitable for gene therapy than other types? 5. What are some conditions in humans which could be potentially treated with gene therapy? 6. Are there any conditions in humans which are being successfully treated with gene therapy on a routine basis? 7. Does gene therapy have any practical potential? 8. What is diabetes? How many kinds of diabetes are there and what are the differences between them? 9. Are there any ethical concerns surrounding gene therapy? 10. References of all your research sources are required. There are no marks allocated for Part 1, but you will need the information obtained in Part 1 to answer the questions in Part 2. PART 2 Part 2 is an ‘open book’ examination BUT only original, personal, individual hand written notes will be allowed into the examination to be…...

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