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The Lord showed me a tidal wave of people flooding into the body of Christ from all over the world. The people I see are teens, up to age 25 or so. Behind them in the tidal wave are hundreds and thousands of people. Parents, grandparents, children, other friends flooding in behind the teens.

These kids will flood into the body of Christ, and a new hope will surge through the veins of their Fathers, Mothers, others, in part fulfilling the prophecy of Malachi 4:6: And He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse.


I also saw a wall holding back this enormous flood of souls. They are being held back, waiting. There are people out there, reading this right now, who God is calling. He is calling them to break down the wall. People who have always thought, not me I'm too shy. Not me I don't have the right personality. Moses was like that.


The Lord is giving these people ideas, God inspired ideas that will reach masses of people. The ideas may seem small, but they are not small. There are people who will live their lives through, and take their last breath, having never uttered the idea that God put on their heart. They will stand before their God and be made aware of what He had entrusted them and they hid it because they were afraid. Now is the time to stand up to the spirit of fear that speaks to you in the first person. "I'm just", "I couldn't", "How could I"?, "but I" Those are not your own thoughts, but those of the enemy of all righteousness.


There are others in the body of Christ, reading this right now, who are intercessors. Because they have been faithful, God is calling them into more. He is calling them to come out of their prayer closet and speak forth the passion of the Lord, sometimes the anger of the Lord. He is calling them to go forward into the things He has put on their heart. Then, at the day's end when they go to prayer, their prayer will take on a new passion. I saw these people in a picture. They think they have been called to pray, because they really are quite timid. I saw them, men and women and teens and children.


They had bulging muscles and were wearing armor. They were holding a sword that was enormous and well sharpened. Their eyes looked fierce. When their eye fixed on the enemy, they were ready and they were precise. As they wielded their sword, demons fled from around them, some died from fear of them. As these enemy fled and died, people around them changed, events changed, history changed. There are people who think they are shy and afraid who are leaders of leaders. It is time to get up. This new crop of people are apostles, prophets, intercessors. These are people that will usher in an enormous move of God. (from Cathy Grant)…...

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