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A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip is an essay made to persuade people to join the lobby for extra processions for the purchasing of guns. Various events including gun violence are explained to show the reader that action needs to be taken to make guns more difficult to get. Even though Gabriel Giffords is credible through her experience in the senate the use of emotion and the lack of provable statistics A senate in the gun lobby’s grip is not Rhetorically persuasive
When the senate bill to make background checks required for gun buyers was not passed by congress many people contested and the author of this article was one of them. People with personal connection to gun violence are very passionate as most victims tend to be. Gabriel Giffords was a victim herself. Her experience is what inspired her to write this article. It is important to realize the point of view is from a victim who has really strong feelings toward the subject. This article was designed to persuade people to pass the ball in order to keep people safe.
Gabriel Giffords personal connection to gun violence inspires her thoughts in this article. For example using verbiage like “I’m furious” and “I will not rest” shows how much emotion is behind these feelings. The use of emotions can be very persuasive when it doesn't overpower the readers logic. If a writer chooses to use ethos primarily in a persuasive piece each emotional drive claim must be backed up with reasonable and explainable logic that is provable.
Furthermore with no data behind her logos and the lack of reasonable wording the essay logos and ethos are not balanced. The first example is the first sentence in paragraph 6 of A senate in the gun lobby grip, “I am asking every reasonable American to help me tell the truth about the cowardice these…...

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