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I can’t say I don’t believe in ghosts but I will specify I believe in only one ghost which is called the Holy Ghost. The account you are about to read is not fiction but an event I personally experienced.
To begin, I would like to clarify the meaning of ghost according to as simply “the spirit of a departed one.” I want to give some background to help you understand my references. In Acts chapter 1 of the Holy Bible, Jesus, who was God on foot, departed into heaven. He gave instructions to His disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the power from heaven which was later identified as the Holy Ghost, also known as the spirit of God.
Imagine speaking in a language you have never learned. What would it sound like? How would you feel? On April 8, 1972, I experienced the phenomena for myself. It was the same experience with the Holy Ghost as the approximately 120 people in the upper room which included the disciples and Mary the mother of Jesus as recorded in the book of Acts. As I prayed for the Holy Ghost to come into my spiritual heart and help me be the person God wanted me to be, I began to speak in a language I had never learned. Such a transformation took place that night within me. The feeling was something that is hard to describe. It was definitely not a feeling of fear as you might think when encountering a ghost. The feeling was more of exhilaration, joy, excitement, and happiness. Even those descriptive words do not fully encompass the feeling this experience generated. I remember a little later, while walking down the hallway of the church with my dad, asking him to look and make sure my feet were actually touching the floor. I felt as if I were walking on air or maybe even riding on a cloud. Unlike most experiences with ghosts that I had read about in other books, this experience with the Holy Ghost did not…...

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