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Emerald Article: Global competition 2021: key capabilities for emerging opportunities Armen Ovanessoff, Mark Purdy

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Global competition 2021: key capabilities for emerging opportunities
Armen Ovanessoff and Mark Purdy

Armen Ovanessoff is a senior research fellow with the Accenture Institute for High Performance…...

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...Learning Team Reflection Global Competition I really liked strategies for making profits. I hope to open a small business soon and this was very beneficial to aid me in my field of Business Management. .Most organizations are in business for making money, or making profits. Global competition affects organizations strategies to make profits by influencing them to make decisions safely or take risks. If an organization has a great idea that will aid in making more profit, eventually other organizations will find out and make those same changes. If an organization is made aware of others making changes that is maximizing profits than that organization will follow through with those changes. Those changes will be made by this company but the new changes may have already started by then. I also liked how government makes it easy for companies to strive in today’s society and stay in business. I too would like to open up a business of mine someday but at this point in time I do not what or where and how and this class and material that we have been discussing is very interesting and helpful when my time to open a business is right. As time goes by so do the rules to running businesses but most of the time and with researching the policy in place, there are loop holes in those policies to get out from paying so much to keep the business running and get back as much back from the government at the same time. Diversity is a commitment to recognizing and appreciating the......

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