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Title: Investigating how concentration changes the rate of a chemical reaction |

Name: Ryan Bradley |

Class: 12A1 |

What is the aim of this experiment?

To investigate how concentration hydrochloric acid affects the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid and water.

P.6a: List all the factors that could have an effect on the results in this investigation?

* Concentration * Temperature * Surface area * Catalyst * Colour of the X * Stirring the mixture * Water in the beaker from washing out beaker

P.6a: P.8a: Explain in detail how each of the factors you named could affect the investigation?

Surface Area: This would affect my investigation because if there was a bigger surface area this means the particles have more room to collide as they are more exposed to head on collisions

Concentration: If I was to increase the concentrations of the hydrochloric acid by too much/ little this will make my results unreliable because the more hydrochloric acid the more successful collisions and this would increase the rate of reaction.

Stirring the mixture: This would affect my investigation because if I was to stir the mixture it would speed up the reaction time as you are creating more collisions meaning the ‘x’ will disappear quicker.

Temperature: If I was to increase the temperature this would affect my investigation because it would mean the particles would gain more energy and this would mean they would collide with a greater force and this would make the rate of reaction faster which would turn the mixture opaque more quickly.

Catalyst: If I was to add to much of the catalyst this would increase the rate of reaction a lot faster and this may affect my investigation and my results would then be unreliable

Colour of the X: This may affect my investigation because if I…...

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