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And how it will affect you

Is one of your family members in the war? My brother is, he joined from the very beginning and has spent the past 3 years risking his life for the good of Britain. Never the less we need more troops on the front but no more men are volunteering, yet there are still many strong, able men here in Canada. Do these men truly believe that they can continue their everyday life while our brothers, fathers and sons are in Europe risking their lives every day for the greater good of Britain? But now the cowards can be forced to go to war to help our brothers, fathers and sons because of conscription!
I hear you asking “What is conscription?”, “Who will it affect the most?” and “Why should I vote for conscription?” All good questions which I am going to answer. Conscription is forcing men over the age of 18 to enlist in the Canadian armed forces. Prime Minister Borden said that no less than 50 000 men will be conscripted. He said that it would be more likely for 100 000 men to be conscripted. We need these reinforcements on the front to maintain Canada’s army. Canadians have 500 000 men enlisted in the army but if we need 100 000 more men to win the war then I say we need conscription. But I hear you saying, “You can force a man to go to war but you can’t make him fight” ladies and gentleman I can assure you that if a man’s life is in danger and he has a gun to defend himself with he will use it. As for who it will affect most I believe the French-Canadians will be the people most affected if the conscription goes through. I believe this because the province of
Quebec has had the least amount of participation in the war. When asked why they cared so little about the war the French-Canadians said, “We do not care about Britain”
But as many of you know Britain and France are on the same side of the war. When we confronted…...

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