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...The Rise and Fall of the G.D.P. By JON GERTNER Published: May 13, 2010 Whatever you may think progress looks like — a rebounding stock market, a new house, a good raise — the governments of the world have long held the view that only one statistic, the measure of gross domestic product, can really show whether things seem to be getting better or getting worse. G.D.P. is an index of a country’s entire economic output — a tally of, among many other things, manufacturers’ shipments, farmers’ harvests, retail sales and construction spending. It’s a figure that compresses the immensity of a national economy into a single data point of surpassing density. The conventional feeling about G.D.P. is that the more it grows, the better a country and its citizens are doing. In the U.S., economic activity plummeted at the start of 2009 and only started moving up during the second half of the year. Apparently things are moving in that direction still. In the first quarter of this year, the economy again expanded, this time by an annual rate of about 3.2 percent. All the same, it has been a difficult few years for G.D.P. For decades, academics and gadflies have been critical of the measure, suggesting that it is an inaccurate and misleading gauge of prosperity. What has changed more recently is that G.D.P. has been actively challenged by a variety of world leaders, especially in Europe, as well as by a number of international groups, like the Organization for Economic Cooperation and......

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...Gross Domestic Product Tyracia N Johnson University of Phoenix Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Gross Domestic Product and business cycle Gross Domestic Product is the summary of the National Income and Product Account (NIPA) tables, which is provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).   GDP estimates the market value of all final goods, services, and structures produced in a given period by labor and property located in the U.S., regardless of who owns the resources.   Calculation of GDP involves estimating the quantity of those commodities produced, assigning a dollar value to each quantity and aggregating the total dollar value to arrive at a final figure.   GDP can be expressed in two ways, nominal and real (Krugman, 2003).   Nominal GDP is the value of the final output measured in current prices, whereas real GDP is the value of output adjusted to remove distortions caused by price changes through the process of chain-weighting.   GDP estimates are released quarterly.   Three estimates are made, one at the end of each month following a release: advance, preliminary, and final.   Over time GDP has become the most comprehensive measure of production and almost every economic statistic is related to GDP in one way or another (Krugman, 2003).   National fiscal policies The government, being a vast entity in itself, is made up of several different bodies and each plays a different role in determining national fiscal policies.......

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...Gross Domestic Product (GDP) calculates the output generated through the production of labor and property that is located within the boundaries of a county. Real Gross Domestic Product is an inflation adjusted measure that displays the value of goods and services and produced in a year indicated in base year prices. Real GDP is also known as “constant-price”, “inflation-corrected GDP”, or “constant-dollar GDP” ("Real gross domestic," 2012). Nominal Gross Domestic Product is a GDP amount that has not been adjusted for inflation. Unemployment rate is the percentage of the total workforce that is unemployed but willing to work and actively seeking out employment. Inflation rate is the percentage rise in the price of products and services on an annual basis. Interest rate is the amount expressed as a rate of principal by a lender to a borrower for the use of borrowed goods. Interest rates are typically registered on an annual basis, also known as the annual percentage rate (APR). Borrowed assets may include cash, consumer goods, vehicles, or buildings. Certain economic activities such as the purchasing of groceries, massive layoff of employees, and the decrease in taxes can have an effect on the government, households, and businesses. The government measures the size of the nation’s economy by its gross domestic product (GDP). The GDP is made up of four parts; consumption, investment, government spending, and net exports. ("Gross Domestic Product (gdp)", 2010). ......

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...Assignment 2: What is Gross Domestic Product? 1. What was Real GDP for 2009? 13,973.7 A. How did GDP change from 2008? Indicator of the economic health of a country, as well as to gauge a country's standard of living. It also regards how much value on goods and services that are produced over a certain amount of time, either quarterly of annually. B. How did GDP change from 2008? The GDP increased in the first 2 quarters, but decreased in the 3rd only a little. The 4th quarter there was a decrease of 6.3% because of the decrease in personal consumption expenditures, Import and export, equipment and software. C. What caused these changes? There was a 4.3% decrease in personal consumption expenditures in the 4th quarter. There was also a decrease of 23.6% of the exports of goods and services. The amount of money the government spent in the 4th quarter increased by 7%, following an increase of 13.8% in the 3rd quarter. Private business had a $25.8 billion decrease in inventories. All of this put us in a recession. 2. What was GNP for 2009? 14,117.2 A. What is the difference between GDP and GNP? The GDP is an estimate of the countries worth of productions and services by their foreigners and their nationals for the year. The GNP is an estimate of the countries worth of products and services by the citizens of their land or on foreign land for the year. B. How did GNP change from 2008? The GNP changed because of the increase in 2008 of 14.35 trillion and in 2009 it......

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...I discussed the GDP in my first post and decided to post a response to this one too; the .U.S. Department of Commerce released fourth quarter real gross domestic product rates of 2014. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (2015), the value of produced goods and services in the U.S. increased 2.2 during this quarter (para. 1). This means that the production of goods adjusted for price changes for the period when the second estimate was released on February 27th. That is a 2.8 percent drop from 5.0 percent third quarter GDP results of 2014 (U.S. DOC, 2015, para. 1). As previously stated GDP measures the economy performance of the nation or country during a certain period of time (annual or quarterly). GDP measured in terms of dollars regard the total of all goods and services produced (McConnell, Brue, & Flynn, 2015); unfortunately, there are several shortcomings or limitations in measuring the total output or national welfare. The shortcomings of GDP measure both total output and total utility (McConnell, et al., 2015, p. 561); the total output shortcomings include non market activities (household production) such as homemaker services and parental childcare (Lee, n. d.; Toward, 2010). Non market activities are products and services that are produce by people and are not bought and sold on the market. Legal economic and illegal activities are underground activities, the second type of shortcoming of GDP. Underground activities consist of products or services......

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... 1- GDP is a good form of measuring our economic well-being. The reason for this is because GDP is the total market value of all the final goods and services produced within the economy in the year. 2- The trade deficit reduces our GDP because the excess of imports over exports makes the total number of market value of final goods and services made in a year. 3- Nominal GDP is when we use current prices to measure GDP. Real GDP is the measure that controls for changes in prices. I think that between both the most important one is nominal GDP because it is the value of GDP in current dollars. 4- The difference between GNP and GDP and what they produce is that GDP is what their citizens earn while GNP is the gross national product. This GNP is usually not to important to most countries. 5- The reason investment spending is more volatile than consumer spending is because investment spending is more likely to change rapidly and it is also unpredictable. While consumer spending is less liable to change and tends to be more predictable. 6- A consumer confidence is closely watched because if the way a consumer thinks about a business is important. Consumer confidence lets people to still have hope even when in deep in a financial crisis people will still remain to believe on that the economy will get better. Work cited O'Sullivan, Sheffrin, and Perez. Macroeconomics Principles,applications, and Tools. 8th ed. p.97-114.: Pearson, 2014,2012,2010. Print. ...

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...Negligence, Gross Negligence, or Malpractice Lesli Sherwin, RN HCS/478 Health Law and Ethics May 11th, 2015 Lynda White ADN, BS Negligence, Gross Negligence, or Malpractice Malpractice includes both negligence and gross negligence. Malpractice is a tort in which a person who claims a practice in some profession fails in their duty, lacks in their skill to the extent that it causes damage to their client or patient. Negligence and gross negligence are both forms of malpractice. Simple ordinary negligence is the lack of performing in a manner consistent with standards of practice including omissions in practice, and failure to provide care that any other reasonable prudent nurse would provide. The Elements that a plaintiff must prove to win their negligence claim include breach of duty, causation, and damages (Weiler, 1995). If they cannot prove there was a breach in all three of these things, then the plaintiff will lose the case. Gross Negligence, is negligence on a grand scale. It borders reckless behaviors and culpability. It is most simply explained in terms of degree of negligence, or the severity of the negligence is worse than simple or ordinary negligence. Gross negligence can be very subjective and is used in extreme cases that might have ended with manslaughter charges or something of the like. Could the event or act have been controlled by the practitioner? If the answer is yes, then it is probably neglect. If the act was purposeful and the practitioner......

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...Markus Gamble Assignment #1 (Gross Domestic Product and Unemployment) ECN 221 1/16/16 #1. What are the two main difficulties that arise in comparing the GDP of different countries? A.) In this week’s assignment, I have chosen to discuss, what are the two main difficulties that arise in comparing the GDP in different countries? Well to answer this particular question, we must first address what GDP stands for and how it works. GDP is also referred to as the Gross Domestic Product, which is defined as one of the primary indicators to gauge the health of a countries economy. It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services over a period of time. (Investopedia Staff, 2016) when making a comparison of GDP in different countries could result in a problem with the amount of hours worked within the countries, in comparison stage involving each other. Each country has a different amount of scheduled work hours, some more than other countries, a good example would be one country has a longer period of worked hours then other countries, which results in a disruption in the GDP statistics. Another significant factor that comes about when comparing GDP with different countries is the currency conversion factor. The GDP for most international countries must be converted currency wise into a common currency, in which the US dollar is the perfect example for this, but this could make the GDP figures messed up and not accurate also. The conversion could be......

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...The Measurement of Gross Domestic Product Having discussed the meaning of gross domestic product in general terms, let’s be more precise about how this statistic is measured. Here is a definition of GDP that focuses on GDP as a measure of total expenditure: • Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. This definition might seem simple enough. But in fact, many subtle issues arise when computing an economy’s GDP. Let’s therefore consider each phrase in this definition with some care. “GDP Is the Market Value . . .” You have probably heard the adage, “You can’t compare apples and oranges.” Yet GDP does exactly that. GDP adds together many different kinds of products into a single measure of the value of economic activity. To do this, it uses market prices. Because market prices measure the amount people are willing to pay for different goods, they reflect the value of those goods. If the price of an apple is twice the price of an orange, then an apple contributes twice as much to GDP as does an orange. “. . . of All . . .” GDP tries to be comprehensive. It includes all items produced in the economy and sold legally in markets. GDP measures the market value of not just apples and oranges but also pears and grapefruit, books and movies, haircuts and healthcare, and on and on. GDP also includes the market value of the housing services provided by the economy’s......

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...Gross Domestic Product Syed A Johar Colorado State University (Global Campus) Mangeral Economics Instructor:   OConnell, Lawrence The Shortcomings of Gross Domestic Product Real GDP per capita is used in practice as a reasonable description of economic well-being. However, in this role it has significant disadvantages. First, the valuation of so-called negative factors (air and water pollution, noise, overcrowding, etc.) should be subtracted from the value of GDP. These factors are associated with production, overstating the level of our material well-being. In order to establish the national economy it is essential to solve the problem of accounting of any kind of economic activity in the macroeconomic indicators. Environmental pollution raises significant methodological issues, one of which is the reflection of activities that are related to environmental management. In general, the usual economic growth indicators of national income and net product do not take into account the results of environmental activities, distorting its effects and dynamics. For example, a manufacturer pollutes a river and the government spends money on its cleaning (increases the GDP), but the cost of pollution is not deductible (Investopedia, 2008). Second, GDP does not include the cost of non-market operations (for example: working housewives; carpenter’s work, who has been repairing his own house; free volunteer work). All of these activities are appropriate from an economic......

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...Unit 2 Individual Project Gross Domestic Product BUSN300-1202A-10 I would like to speak to you today about the future of the gross domestic product. The GDP is very important because it measures the condition or the status of a country’s economy. It signifies the monetary value of all goods and services within a time span of a year. The compilation of this data amount is considered to be the most reliable of financial statistics. This data is used to determine if the U.S. economy is growing more quickly or more slowly than the quarter or the year before. GDP is also used to compare the size and growth rate of the economies throughout the world. Economic production and growth has a large impact on nearly everyone within that economy. When you have a strong economy it will show through low unemployment and wage increases within businesses. A significant change in GDP most often has a major effect on the stock market. An unhealthy economy typically means lower profits for companies resulting in lower stock prices. Negative GDP growth is also one of the factors used to determine whether an economy is in a recession. There are basic methods for calculating the GDP that include the income approach and the expenditure approach. The expenditure approach calculates GDP by combining consumer goods, business goods, imports and exports and government goods. It focuses on finding the total output of a nation by finding the total amount of money spent. With the income......

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