Growing China: Will China Share Superpower Status with United States?

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Growing China: Will China Share Superpower Status with United States?

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, United States has remained her superpower status and has established her hegemony all around the world. In the 21st century, everybody waits for a country to fill the gap that was left by the Soviet Union to compete with the United States. Now, China is the most potential country that can be a superpower competing with US. China has developed herself since she became a communist state, especially, it is the past 20 years that China has improved from a state once isolated form rest of the world, into a regional superpower as potentially a state having the capacity to change the future direction of world events. By 2020, China hopes to compete with United States, however, that is not so easy for US to share her superpower status with China and US does not want to engage in another Cold War. First of all, what is a superpower? We need to define superpower to understand that China will possess the status of what and whether she benefits from it. During the second half of the twentieth century the concept of superpower status has been unique and without precedent. This is due to the fact that in this period, a superpower by definition possesses nuclear capabilities. While the UK, a superpower in the nineteenth century, now possesses nuclear capabilities, it is lacking in other attributes. Today’s superpower possesses four attributes, which confer upon it this status. Firstly, a superpower must possess large diversified national economy; secondly, it must own major conventional military force; thirdly, it must hold nuclear weapon capabilities; and lastly, it must enjoy strategic geographic location. During the period 1950-90 two countries satisfied the four conditions for superpower status; these were the US and Soviet Union. Today, United States is the…...

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