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October, 19 2010
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Halliburton For years, Halliburton, better known as Big Red, has been a leader in the oil services industry, it provides engineering and production services for oil extraction and development. Established in 1921 as the first oil rigging and cement pouring company, the company was responsible for constructing monumental infrastructure products, developing cutting edge technologies, equipment, oil production and managing supplies for military operations. After parting from Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), it was no longer in the industry of providing military logistics. Halliburton contributes and functions in over 50,000 employees and operating in approximately 70 countries. The purpose of the planning function of management is to evaluate Halliburton by analyzing the impact the corporate social responsibility, legal issue, ethics and have had on the management planning of the corporation. Each function will be provided for each. This will analyze three main factors that influence contingency planning, strategic, tactical, and operational Halliburton’s management approach has allowed the company to remain in the for front of its production. This was well-known through Halliburton’s decisions in acquiring fresh subsidiaries. Halliburton planned for the increase in globalization by tapping into the world market that would be helpful for the corporation. As a business corporation, planning must be a vital part of how the company takes care of their business. Halliburton ethics statements says It is the personal responsibility of each Company Director, employee and agent to observe the standards of conduct and other requirements of the Code of Business Conduct whether or not these standards and requirements are also imposed by law. Any Director, employee or agent who does not…...

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