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Bullying is described as an aggressive behavior that inflicts harm on the physical and mental well-being of a victim that causes them to have feelings of fear and intimidation. As stated in Boulton et al (1992), “Researchers commonly define peer victimization or bullying as a negative act of aggression (or oppression) that is unprovoked and discriminately intended to cause harm, while carried out repeatedly over time and involves an actual and/or perceived imbalance of power and control in which the aggressor or group of aggressors are physically or psychologically more powerful than the victim” (Boulton & Underwood, 1992; Farrington, 1993; Olweus, 1999; Rigby, 1996; Smith &Thompson, 1991). Bullying has been known to occur from the minor range from one-on-one bullying to more aggressive methods of the bully incorporating random or volunteered partakers, who may or may not willing assist the primary bully with his or her bullying assaults. Bullying from my perspective, is a serious issue that needs to be handle in high consideration due to the increase reports of homicides and suicides that are have occurred based on the devious and abusive acts of bullying. As stated by Barbara, E.F. (2012), “Bullying or bullies from other observations of society can be overlooked as, “that’s just the way people are or “there’s nothing that can be done” (Barbara, 2012). But what truly bothers me about bullying the most, is that some people observe it as a social irritant that does not inflict any serious long-term damage or short-term harm that can be kick to the curb and literally disappear over time between the victim and bully. But that is not entirely true, since this senseless act begins mostly at childhood as well as occurring towards adulthood. Bullying is a social threat that people need to be aware of based on the…...

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...Happy Birthday, 1951 1: Summary Happy Birthday, 1951 is a tale about an elderly man and 7-year-old boy, who lives in the ruins of a war-torn city. Soldiers demand the two to fill out documents with information such as age and name. The elderly man does not know the boy’s age or birthdate. Therefore they decide to celebrate the boy’s birthday the next day, and the man decides to take the boy to a green and living place outside the devastated city. In addition, the man creates a cart for the boy, which the boy rather sees as a tank. On their way to the place, the boy spots an old, rusty tank, which fascinates the boy. The man becomes more and more irritated by the boy’s admiration of things connected to war, which culminates in the man becoming angry with the boy. When the elderly man wakes up after a nap, the boy is gone. The man finds him saying ”Gotcha!” while seated in the tank’s turret pointing towards him. 2: Characterization The young boy was born in the latter half of the Second World War. We can extract this piece of information because of the short story’s title (1951), and because the boy has not gotten any birthday presents in the first six years of his life, which means that the boy turns 7 years in the short story. The boy’s nationality, name and birthdate are also unknown. The boy’s mother was a refugee, who probably delivered her baby to the old man because she feared for her life. The young boy has lived his whole life in a cellar in a shattered......

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...Write a summary of Happy Birthday, 1951 in about 150 words."Happy Birthday, 1951" is a short story by Kurt Vonnegut. The main characters in the shortstory are a man and a boy. We are told that a refugee woman left her baby by the old manand then she never came back - That's how the man got the boy. The man doesn't knowsomething about the boy and that's why they are choosing a day to celebrate the boy'sbirthday. As a birthday present the man wants to take the boy to a place without war. Ontheir way to the place, they talk about the color of different uniforms when they see foursoldiers. When they arrive, they eat their lunch, close their eyes and sleep for a while. In theend of the story, we are told that the man wakes up and discovers that the boy is gone.Different thoughts go through the man's head and those are interrupted by the boy when hesays "Gotcha!"Characterize the boy and the old man.The two main characters in the short story are the boy and the old man. The old man in the shortstory feels that he hasn't been a good father, which is expressed different places in the story, suchas:"I haven't been a good father, letting you go without birthdays this long… You're entitled toone every year, you know, and I've let six years go by without a birthday. And presents, too. Youare supposed to get presents." (7. 30 - 32)The old man does not like the war and he does not like the soldiers. Every time the boy talks aboutsomething which has to do with the war, the old man gets a bit...

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...Happy birthday, 1951 As we follow this certain story, we encounter the mental failure caused by The Second World War. In the short story “Happy birthday, 1951” by Kurt Vonnegut, the main character finds hardness and salvation in life, after his survival of the second world war with a newly born baby Write a summary of the story: “Happy Birthday, 1951” The story starts with an older man and a young boy who are filling out a couple of social papers, which were given to them by a soldier. They begin talking about when the boy wants to have birthday, because the boy was never given a birthday, thus he can choose his own birthday which he wants to be the following day, because it is raining this day. The older man explains him that you are entitled to a birthday present every year when it is your birthday, which does not give him a whole lot of time to figure out what to give the boy. Afterwards the story tells us that they have been living in catacombs in the last seven years, where they have stolen food in the night. The following day, the boy gets an cart as a present and the older man takes him to a peaceful place. They fall asleep and when he wakes up the boy is gone, who he later founds. Characterize the boy and the old man The older man encountered the war, whereas the boy was only born in the end of the war. Therefore the man has experienced the worst parts of mankind's history, which, evidently, has enlighten him that peace is the only “true way”. As he......

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...1. Write a summary of ‘’Happy birthday’’ 1951 in about 150 words. ‘’Happy birthday’’ it’s a text about an old man and a young boy, who live in a ruin, in a former warzone. The city is still full of soldiers and tanks. The man got the baby boy about six years ago from a refugee woman. The story begins with the man wanting the boy to choose a birthday. The boy chooses the following day. The old man puts together a cart for the boy, but he also wants the boy to experience a world without war. Next day the boy gets the cart and pretends its a tank, because he is fascinated by war, but the old man want the boy to pretend that it is a truck. After that the man takes the boy into the forest for a day to experience the world as it should be. They pass a tank on their way, and the boy is all ecstatic about it, but the man wants the boy to come along into the forest. The man falls asleep, and when he wakes up late in the afternoon then he found out that the boy was missing. The old man is calling the boy and in the end the boy comes out from the tank 2. Characterize the boy and the old man. The old mand: The old man is kind, friendly and helpful, because he took the little baby without any expectation to get something back, like money or help from others. He spawned the little boy with his money, no help from others and his pure love like a father. The old man does not like war and the soldiers. He wants to take the boy away from war, because he thinks that the boy is too......

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...Happy Birthday, 1951 by Kurt Vonnegut. Summary: This is a short story about the repercussions of war. The story starts in medias res with an old man choosing the day for a young boy's birthday. There has been a war that ended seven years ago and the pair has been hiding ever since. They were discovered by soldiers and are now filling out their documents. The old man has made a small cart for the boy for his birthday and also takes him for a trip to the countryside. In the calm countryside they discover a rusty tank, which preoccupies the boy a lot. They have lunch and afterwards a small nap. When the old man awakens the boy is gone. He immediately heads for the tank to look for him, fearing he may have drowned in the nearby stream. The boy is nowhere to be seen, but suddenly raises his head from the turret and says “Gotcha!”. (151 words) Characterization of the boy and old man: The boy has never known anything but the war-torn everyday. He has always had to search for food and shelter and has never had a birthday, just as he has missed out on a lot of activities that normal seven-year-olds participate in. He is very preoccupied with the war and the marching soldiers. His birthday gift, which the old man imagines is a grocery cart, the boy pretends to be a tank. Since the boy has never experienced anything but the post-war years he glorifies the soldiers. He has never experienced the gory and bloody truth of war, or known what soldiers do in war. Hence he......

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...Assignment B – ”Happy birthday, 1951” 1. Summary of ”Happy Birthday, 1951” “Happy Birthday, 1951”, is a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut, 2008, which begins in media res. The story is about a young boy and an old man, who is not the father of the boy. The boy was given to him as a baby, by a refugee woman. They have lived in the ruins, for 7 years, after a war and have survived by collecting things they could find or steal. One day soldiers find them and order some documents filled out. For this he needs the boy’s unknown birthdate. The boy selects a day, and becomes entitled to have a birthday and presents. The man makes a present, a cart, for the boy, but also gives him a day away from the war. The boy likes his cart, which he calls a tank. The day away from the war becomes a day to a place the boy never has been before. At the trip he sees some soldiers and a tank witch the man does not like. 2. Characterize the boy and the old man There is not mentioned much about the two characters, we do not know their age, nationality, names or birthdays. What we know is they live by themselves, poor, in the ruins after a war. “… the old man and the boy had lived in the ruins for seven years without documents …” (l. 10-11). They survive on things they steal or dig out of the cellars of the ruins. “But the old man and the boy had found all three for the digging in the catacombs of cellars beneath the shattered city, for the filching at night.” (l. 12-14). The boy is...

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...states that operate a defence for facilitation payments, rather than relying on prosecutorial discretion.[236] Professor Horder elaborated: [W]e were troubled actually by the definition of this notion of what constitutes 'small' in certain contexts, what counts as a 'facilitation payment'. It seems like something ready made for litigation up and down the courts […] payments made by way of facilitation and so on will have to show up in a company's accounts somewhere and they must be in a position, at least, to say what those payments were. I think that that will, in the nature of things, keep so-called 'facilitation payments' in check […] and we just carry on as we always have, only prosecuting where the public interest demands that you prosecute.[237] V. Reducing corruption and associated delays and costs http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:EekIHCyAnWQJ:www.transparency.org.uk/attachments/138_adequate-procedures.pdf+facilitation+payment+promotion+of+overseas+aid+objectives&hl=en&gl=au&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESirn6LodRyUvLPMLftT00vcdhrLm1epM076jKiAOFr8mvF_EX-Gj8lVAXbKe0VM6Es6KgftwKCxFCZqVrDYIbp3VG0YWKnfmbzbkSAkiHLYDIpxoIPhW9OAgE9DfD2SZR6gJqw9&sig=AHIEtbQDd2RNUHlRb-y2os6Eja5TCN84Sg (PAGE 33 CASE) There are demonstrated benefits to resisting facilitation payments. Research and the reported experiences of a number of companies demonstrate that refusing to pay public officials can result in savings and reduced delays, as demands for payment......

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...copyrighted “Happy Birthday to You” song in his restaurant, Bobby’s Bistro, for more than 20 years. He obviously did not know that Johnny Singstealer had the song’s copyright, along with many other people that sing the Happy Birthday song in public. When it comes to the law, it is clear that Bobby Bandleader had no right to perform the song in his restaurant without working out a deal with Johnny Singstealer, the copyright holder. Bobby Bandleader was clearly engaging in copyright infringement of the “Happy Birthday to You” song based on his unauthorized public performance without the knowledge and permission of the copyright holder, Johnny Singstealer. (Galpert, 2008) Based on the United States Code Title 17 §106, it is stated that owners of works such as musical composition, even this particular composition, have the exclusive right to perform the copyrighted work publicly. Bobby Bandleader is the offender and he should apologize and offer to pay Johnny Singstealer whatever is due or whatever his demand is as long as it is fair, reasonable, and just amount. Johnny Singstealer has the right to collect the necessary royalties or licenses fee from Bobby Bandleader since it is against the law to steal the copyright-protected works of others and perform them without pay. (Unhappy Birthday, 2012) The amount of 1 million dollars that Johnny Singstealer demanded for the past and present copyright abuse they requested Bobby Bandleader to pay is ridiculous. For example, if......

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...  Abstract Our research paper is based on the song “Happy Birtday to You.” Synopsis of scenario: An arbitrator who has recently been assigned to resolve a legal dispute between Bobby Bandleader, owner and operator of Bobby’s Bistro, and Johnny Singstealer. The verdict is based on copyright infringment that Johnny Singstealer had inherited. Bobby Bandleader vs. Johnny Singstealer Aferter investigatin and researching the song "Happy Birtday to You” sang by Bobby Bandleader, we came to the conclusing that there are copyright infringments based on copyright law. The song has been a copyright of Johnny Singstealer that owns them by inheritance. However, by 17 USC § 302 - Duration of Copyright: Works created on or after January 1, 1978, (a) In General.— Copyright in a work created on or after January 1, 1978, subsists from its creation and, except as provided by the following subsections, endures for a term consisting of the life of the author and 70 years after the author’s death. In this case since the copyright was enherited, and by law the right to make the work public has ceased after the death of the copyright holder. Copyright Inheritance:Certain elements of copyright can be inherited. Copyright can be inherited by natural persons, but not by companies. Copyright can be inherited by will or by law. After the author's death, some of the rights included in the copyright are inherited by his or her heirs, who re entitled to use them. This applies for all intangible rights...

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