Harnssing Different Platforms in Call for Farsi Learning

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Compute Applications in Language Studies
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Name : Mahya Abolmasoomi
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Date of submission : 2nd August, 2013
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INTRODUCTION In this day and age computers are used in every field including communication, business, broadcasting, education, etc. Lifestyles have drastically changed in the last few decades thanks to the emergence of the multimedia computer and the internet which have put language learners today in the integrative CALL phase. Today an abundance of software applications allow language learners of any language to enhance their four fundamental skills of language: speaking, writing, reading, and listening, at the same time developing their research and critical thinking abilities. These software applications can vary from CALL-specific software applications to generic ones. The point here is that there is an infinite number of ways to utilize different softwares in language learning. All it takes is creativity and determination.
Warschauer mentioned that “The effectiveness of CALL cannot reside in the medium itself but only in how it is put to use.” What teachers and learners of language today must understand is that CALL does not necessarily involve CALL-specific softwares. There are four different types of CALL programs which are CALL-specific software, generic software, web-based learning programs, and computer-mediated communication (CMC) programs. All these software applications can be used creatively for LL purposes and cater to the different needs and learning styles of the digital native students of today. Prenski argues that “Today’s students think and process information fundamentally different from their predecessors.”Because of this language teachers today have to adjust themselves to fulfil the demands and…...

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