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Organizational Design
KijaKazi Saddyk October 22, 2012

Organizational Design Senior Suites Independent living facility is part of a residential, private, non-profit, consumer controlled, community based organization that provides income based apartments for seniors over 62, that can independently live on their own. There are several internal and external factors that has defined and shaped our organizations size, structure and how it processes. Some of the internal factors are: cost, size, product and communication, addressing these factors can either help or hinder the organization. However, the external factors of the organization are: competition, customers/residents, resources, qualified employees, government and public opinion. These factors have been addressed often to keep the organization profitable. The internal factor that defines the structure of our organization is the amount of money that is spent to keep the facilities afloat. There are several programs and essentials that are offered at the facility that are not included in the cost to the residents. We offer transportation to and from the grocery stores, laundry facility on the premises, daily activities that will allow the residents to participate in different forms of exercise. These things are afford to the residents at the expensive of the organization. The size of the organization depends on each individual facility, including the office workers, the property managers, as well as the maintenance crew; because of the amount of employees and the different incentive offered at each facility, communication is extremely important. This is a factor that will need to be addressed by the new CEO. Communication is an important factor for any organization; however this particular facility has poor communication amongst the employees. There are activity list for the residents that needs to be completed, new residency forms, ensuring that each resident has working appliances and they comply with federal guidelines. If each employee is not willing to communicate with each other, know one will know what has been completed or what has not. This can lead to the external factors that contribute to the process of the organization. The external factors such as competitors, resources, qualified employees, Government and public opinions is what makes the company strive. There are competitors in every business, but competitors are there to encourage other organizations to always strive for excellence. Senior Suites organizations have independent living, assistant living, low end income and income based facilities throughout the Chicago land area. There are several different facilities that offer the same thing, however our organization has too find a way to stand above our competitors by offers more incentives/programs. Another external factor is the available resources that are offered too our organization as well as the residents. One of the major resources is Medicaid; which some of our residents receive and it gives them a percentage off of their rent. In order to receive this resource, there are factors within the company that has to be met by Governmental guidelines. Finding qualified employees to work in one of our many facilities has been a challenge. We required extensive background checks, drug testing and experience working with seniors. We do not do urine testing, we use mouth swabbing while the potential employee is directly in front of an upper level employee. Our residents deserve to get use to seeing the same people in the office; this makes them feel like a family instead of living in an office building with revolving doors. Having qualified employees to assist our residents will make them feel secure that all their needs will be met. Governmental guidelines for an independent living facility are not as most facilities. The government does not regulate the facility, each state regulates within its jurisdiction. However, the government as well as Medicaid requires that each facility has private rooms; no one will have to share a room unless they request it. Occupancy will be another factor for the new CEO to address, residents sometimes try to move in relatives and/or friends, and this act is against policy. The last external factor is the public opinion of our organization. This is a factor that we can only change by making the appropriate changes in the public favor. Each one of our residents will refer or tell their family and friends about their living experience at Senior Suites. As an organization we want to ensure that we are receiving positive feedback from our residents, we have a suggestion box and take every one of our suggestions or complaints very seriously. Our administrative team replies to each person that has left a note in our box, this is done so our residents know we are listening. Both internal and external factors are what make our company thrive, each employee both upper level management and the employees that are working at the facilities are expected to take in each factor. The demand for more accountability has changed the behavior of the employees in the organization because of the lack of communication. The employees that are handling the facility are not communicating with each other or upper management as often as they should. Because of the lack of communication, some of the facilities are suffering, which lead to unhappy residents. The organization wants the property managers to live up to their title and be held accountable for the property they were hired to fun. In conclusion, internal factors are issues that could be handled within the company such as enhancing the communication barrier. Poor communication can become the downfall of any organization. The internal factors have to be addressed before the external factors like competitive competition and qualified employees can be handled. Some of these factors are more complex than one may think; the smallest issues can make an organization crumble. Ensuring residents are following their signed agreements, following admission criteria for new residents, are important factors that require employees to work together efficiently for an organization to beat out their competition. There are rules and regulations for all organizations, but depending on the type of organization not complying by the rules of the government can cause our organization to be shut down. As the new CEO takes over this organization, they will see much of the work has already been done however there it is still a work in progress and there is always room for improvement. Once a few simple changes have been made, and improvements have been put in place, the organization will be as good as new while potentially gaining more revenue.

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