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A Call to Arms: Renewing America c c c
Drug and crime scenes are a big problem in America which is a country, where the population gets bigger and bigger for every year. Many youngsters choose the wrong places to find help or acknowledgement because their parents have given up on them. Some choose drugs to forget their horrible lives while others choose to murder people or steal to get an inner satisfaction. There could be many reasons for why people do all these things and some we will never understand.

On May 20th, 2000, J.C. Watts held a speech in North Carolina about young people seeking help in all the wrong places. J.C. Watts was a former congressman for the Republican Party but today he is the chairman in his own company which is a large multi-industry in Washington, DC.
In his speech he talks about parents not giving their children the kind of attention and love that they need. And because of that more children are choosing the wrong path, doing drugs and killing each other. “(…) children growing up with very little parental discipline and guidance, which is crucial for helping them develop self-control” – because of this many young people don’t get to learn the differences between right and wrong.
He also says that religion has a lot to do with this problem and it has got to be irrelevant among the youngsters. And he thinks that’s the reason why children nowadays are violent, sexually obsessed and undisciplined.
He also mentions that civilians carrying guns is a big problem because some people misuse it.

There are logos and pathos in the speech especially where he talks about guns and when he says that it is not the children who are responsible for the way the world has turned out to be, but the adults. “And our children are not responsible for the moral free-fall in our public and political institutions. We are”.
Pathos appears in…...

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