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Summary: This article is about how researchers have found that not all obese individuals are unhealthy. Researchers did a study from 1979 to 2003 on 43,265 individuals they first determined their body fat by hydrostatic weighing or skin fold measures, and determined their fitness level on a treadmill. With the information they gathered 29.7% of the individuals were obese, almost half were “metabolically healthy.” To be metabolically health several factors must be taken in to consideration High blood pressure, high triglycerides, low HDL - or good - cholesterol and high fasting glucose levels. If a participant zero or only one of the above symptoms they were considered metabolically healthy. These individuals did not encounter many negative health effects from their extra weight. Insulin resistance was not tested in the research and also they did not include how long the individuals were obese which is very important in determining metabolic risk. One thing for certain that they did get from the study is exercise is good for everyone regardless of your size. The individuals who were metabolically healthy had a 38% lower risk of dying then those who were not healthy.
Critical opinion: I believe the information is important for those individuals who think just because they are obese they are not healthy. This will help build their confidence to continue to work out and then they will lose the weight and help motivate others to do the same. This should also be an eye opener for those who are not healthy and obese so they know there is a chance to get healthy.
Personal use: I will share this with some people I work out with to encourage them to keep working out and it will help in the long run and just because they are overweight does not mean…...

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