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Discovering Adventure, Realising Extremes 5 (5.A.R.E) is an adventure race, proudly organised by Victoria Junior College Outdoor Activities Club. With its fifth instalment, it promises an adventure like no other, with multidisciplinary activities such as running, swimming, cycling and rockclimbing.
As a team of 4, racers will have the chance to physically challenge themselves in a battle of wit and tact with other teams to emerge victorious.

Dates to note:

Registration closes - 1st May 2012
Racer’s Briefing - 12 th May 2012
Race day - 19th May 2012


Racing Categories: Open Men / Open Mixed / VJ Mixed

Price: $40 per person
Things to Bring

|Item |Recommended Quantity / team |Remarks |
|Racer’s Shirt | |To be provided and worn on Race Day |
|Comfortable Shorts / tights | | |
|Swim Wear | |Specifically for girls during swimming. |
|Water |3 litres |Water points will be present at certain stations |
|Small Backpack |2 |Item storage |
|Ziplock Bag |1 |For Race passport storage |
|Pen |2 |Filling in of the race passport & other…...

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...district nursing team I identified leadership skills which I felt I needed to improve, which were achievable and relevant to nursing practice. I also took into consideration the leadership qualities framework from the NHS institute of innovation and improvement ( NHS institute for innovation and improvement,2005) this highlights a number a important aspects of leadership such as empowering others, collaborating with others and leading change through people. I felt that these were important and the skills which I would develop should be based around these concepts. The skills that were chosen were, coaching, identifying learning needs of colleagues and communication within the multi disciplinary team. I felt that these skills were relevant to nursing practice due to the commitment to lifelong learning which nurses make (NMC,2008) leadership in nursing should have a positive effect on the care given and in discussion with my mentor I concluded that these skills would have this effect if done well. All of these skills are also mentioned in literature in relation to leadership in nursing. Identifying learning needs and coaching are important as indicated by J Spencer (2001) who discussed the importance of educational outcomes and the links to leadership in relation to healthcare. Communication is a skill that is used in every day nursing practice and can be over looked in the context of leadership (Katherine A., 2002), but it is essential to have this skill to underpin the......

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...forecasting for their organization, which is National Health Service (NHS). This is a Healthcare System that is publicly funded for England. This is the largest system and the oldest single payer healthcare system in the world. This system has been funded through a general taxation system, this system will provide healthcare to every legal resident in the United Kingdom, which is with most services free at the point of use. This healthcare is at the point of use, which comes from the core principles at the funding of the National Health Service which is by the United Kingdom of labor Government in 1948. The free of point of use would mean that anyone that is legitimately has been fully registered with this system. Core Principles: · Will meet the needs of everyone · Will be free at the point of delivery · This will be based only on clinical needs not ability to pay From my research these three principles has been guided the development of the National Health Services over more than a century and it does remain. Now the main aims of these principles are that the National Health Services, which would provide is. · Will provide a comprehensive range of services · Will respond to the different needs of the different population · Will work continuously to improve the quality of their service · Will use public funds for Healthcare · Will also work with others to make sure a seamless......

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...HMO vs. NHS HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and NHS (National Healthcare Service) have been a controversial topic for many years. I watched a movie entitled, “Sicko.” It is a documentary that was written and directed by Michael Moore. The Documentary investigates the American health system and compares it to the National Healthcare Service in many other parts of the world. One of the countries that have socialized medical care sits directly above the United States. It is Canada. The horror stories I heard about the HMO has made me think twice about our health care system. Can we honestly say that we are doing everything we can to ensure all Americans (from the bottom of the totem pole to the very top) get the quality medical treatment they deserve? This movie has inspired me to compare the two and venture into the world of politics; a topic many individuals would astray from. All my information and resources are congregated from this very movie. HMO Approximately 250 million Americans have Medical Insurance. There are about 50 million Americans who do not have the luxury of being medically insured. 18,000 Americans will die of no insurance this very year. These are numbers that are hard to fathomed; even harder to grasp as only a statistic. These are not just numbers; they are actual Americans who have been wronged by our very own health care system, and died as a result. Let’s start from the beginning. How did the HMO start in the United States? Who were the......

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...NHS Internet Services Research: An Annotated Bibliography First technology solutions: Satellite Internet Business Internet: Select Plans. (n.d.). Retrieved November 24, 2014, from The HughesNet website explains the viability of satellite internet service for businesses. The information provided demonstrates how the HughesNet Gen4 service can provide high speed internet access for multiple remote branch offices. HughesNet demonstrates how it compares favorably to other services such as cable or DSL (digital subscriber line) internet. Satellite Internet has the ability to synchronously transmit and receive data from a small client satellite dish on Earth and communicate with an orbiting satellite above Earth's equator. The orbiting satellite transmits and receives its information to a ground server on Earth called the Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC is connected to the Internet or private network. All communication made from a satellite dish connection to the Internet must flow through the ground server. HughesNet satellite service has the flexible capabilities of reaching every office in the NHS network as well as any new locations that NHS may add as they expand their operations. Satellite service provides speeds of up to 15 Mbps, which exceeds the necessary speed required to transfer large 100MB files between each NHS office and their partner in New York City. HughesNet Gen4 service......

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...TESCO & NHS Customers are the most important stakeholders in Tesco. Wants and interests tend differ from customer to customer because Tesco has wide range of customers. Although customers are external stakeholders they have a large influence because they are Tesco’s main source of income. Customers want to purchase products at the best prices possible. When customers are displeased with Tesco’s prices they turn to competitors, and as result of this Tesco loses profits and market share to its competitors. Tesco must insure they are offering the best deals and meeting the wants of the customers to prevent this from happening. Further more, being that Tesco has such a large customer portfolio, they must try to cater to all of them. For instance, some customers who are on a budget looks for bargains and deals; on the other hand, customers on a higher budget look for high end quality products and are not as concerned with the price. Customer’s interests may conflict with that of the shareholders. This is because shareholders are more concerned with profits and dividends. If the business doesn’t receive any profits then the shareholders do not receive any dividends. When customers want lower prices share holders would want things to be sold for a higher prices to maximize the profit. Unfortunately, high prices can result in customers leaving Tesco and turning to competitors. This causes the market value and share value to decrease, which also does not meet the interests......

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...Topic Two: Market Failure The healthcare system in Britain is predominantly paid for by the Government, and has done now for a number of years, through taxes paid for by the public. In contract the United States, the health care system is part of a free-market economy. This means that when a member of the US public is in need of health care, they must pay for it themselves, with no government help. For example, Sloman (2007) gives a distinct definition to a free market economy, ‘An economy where all economic decisions are taken by individual households and firms with no government intervention’ If healthcare was to be funded completely through a free-market economy, a lot of individuals would say that it would be a relatively fair way of providing each person in need of care, quality treatment. The website Patient UK (2009) cited that ‘1 in 16 hospital admissions are due to alcohol related illnesses’. This strong statistic would reveal that the majority of people in Britain are paying taxes towards the NHS to pay for the care needed for ever-growing amount of people seeking treatment for injuries and illnesses, they most likely would not obtain if they hadn’t got so intoxicated. In some cases, some members of the public in need of the treatment are in fact those of the British public seeking benefits for the Government, so in turn are not only looking for tax payers to for their living benefits but also healthcare. It could be said that the healthier members of the......

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...beds, 10 fully commissioned Operating Theater. The pediatric intensive therapy unit consist of 50 bed is largest in world. They attract paying patient by virtue of its high quality combined with continuous efforts to reduce cost of operation wherever possible. They attract paying patient by virtue of its high quality combined with continuous efforts to reduce cost of operation wherever possible. They are cross subsidizing poor patients who cannot pay full fee. The ratio of patients who can pay full cost to those who cannot afford it is 60:40. Mission “We at NARAYANA HRUDAYALAYA Foundation, Bangalore and the Asia Heart Foundation, Kolkata have a dream. A dream of making sophisticated healthcare available to the masses, especially in a developing country like our own.” Average OHS cost in NH is around 11000 including surgery and hospitalization. While average cost in other private hospital is about 250000 INR. In addition to this they have a scheme called KARUNA HRUDAYA, which allowed financially constrained patients to pay only 65000 per OHS.They are planning to have 100 acre of facility with 800 beds and 30 operating rooms with a target of 20000 surgeries per year. Dr Sheety said that he has a dream of creating a health city near Electronic city Bangalore with a capacity of 5000 beds and treatment of everything oncology neurology, nephrology....

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...NH Hoteles De Kleetlaan 14 1831 Diegem Tel: 02/203 92 52 Website: E-mail: Kort - Spaanse hotelketen - Actief in meer dan 27 landen - Wereldwijd 22.000 medewerkers - België telt 550 medewerkers - 11 hotels in België NH Hoteles is een Spaanse hotelketen, met 11 hotels in België. Klantgerichtheid, diversiteit en milieubewustzijn staan hoog in het vaandel. De doorgroeimogelijkheden van de medewerkers zijn heel uitgebreid. Arbeidsvoorwaarden Interne promotiekansen Opleiding en Training Bedrijfscultuur Werksfeer en -omstandigheden ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ +: Uitgebreid opleidingsaanbod op alle niveaus. NH Hotels besteedt veel aandacht aan de interne mobiliteit, zowel nationaal als internationaal. !: NH Hoteles wil nog meer de focus leggen op de otnwikkeling van de arbeiders. 140 TOP EMPLOYERS BELGIE/BELGIQUE 2010 NH HOTELES Arbeidsvoorwaarden - Loon volgens barema’s van de horeca, maar wordt ruim gecompenseerd door extralegale voordelen - Groeps- en hospitalisatieverzekering, voor alle niveaus - Kortingen bij het reizen NH Hoteles ter introductie NH Hoteles, opgericht in 1978, is een Spaanse hotelketen met ruim 400 hotels in 27 landen. De voorbije jaren groeide NH Hoteles sterk door enkele overnames te doen. Wereldwijd werken 20.000 mensen voor de hotelketen, in België zijn 550 medewerkers tewerkgesteld in 11 hotels. HR-manager Ann Leonard omschrijft de bedrijfscultuur van NH Hoteles als...

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